FACEIT Pro League has arrived for Rainbow Six Siege in Europe

Renowned esports platform FACEIT has brought its popular FPL circuit from CS:GO to Rainbow Six Siege, launching first in Europe.

Recently, FACEIT took over the Rainbow Six Esports organization duties from ESL for all the major regions. And now, FACEIT has partnered up with Ubisoft to bring the European FACEIT Pro League (FPL) circuit for Rainbow Six: Siege.

Starting on 25th August 2020, FPL EU will launch with the best professional players from the European region with $5,000 monthly on the line. Players will be able to stream the matches and display their voice comms to the entire community, providing entertainment and a way for players to get a more personal look at how the very best players play.

What is FPL?

FPL is a community of top professional and up-and-coming players who play against each other in a highly competitive and moderated solo-queue environment. The mission of FPL is to provide an excellent playing experience for professional players and to help discover, develop and promote new talents within the Esports Rainbow Six Siege scene.

FPL uses an open qualification system, where all players in the community are able to qualify through a path to pro format. Start your journey, top the standings, reach the FPL, and get to show your skills to the professional players and Siege community, every single day.

Paths to EU FPL

No matter what skill level you are, if you have a team or you play alone, you can start your journey to the FPL today, rising through the ranks on FACEIT and gaining Elo. FACEIT Elo can be earned through competing on the FACEIT platform in the following competitions:

  • Open Cups in partnership with Ubisoft — Every Sunday at 13:00 CET
  • NextRound Daily Cups, the ‘Totally Serious Cup’, on FACEIT — From Monday to Friday at 18:00 CET — Browse
  • R6TM Hubs (Solo queue) — Queues start at 20:00 CET and close at midnight every day.
  • Any elo-eligible R6 PC competition on FACEIT.

After the top 100 players have been selected, they will play in the first FPL Qualifier, which will start on the 24th of September and end on the 30th of September. The two players who top the FPL Qualifier leaderboard will be invited to the FPL for the chance to play amongst professional players. To level out the playing field and offer all players an equal chance, FACEIT Elo will be soft-reset on the platform for a fair race towards the top 100 slots (soft reset takes place 25th August).

FPL circuits for other regions like NA, LATAM and APAC might also be introduced later. So stay tuned for the latest updates.

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