Facebook joins the streaming war by signing in Disguised Toast

Facebook just confirmed Disguised Toast as their new streamer for their own platform. Disguised Toast is a Canadian streamer and youtuber. He recently announced his move to Facebook via his twitter account. Instead of making a flashy commercial announcing his move to Facebook, he donated the money to the children’s hospital.

Here is the tweet:

This was somewhat of a surprise move from Facebook. They are now going out of their way to acquire streamers from Twitch. Like all the other Streaming services like Mixer, Youtube Gaming, Dlive looks like Facebook just entered a free for all battle royal. Facebook in this instant seems to be coping Youtube and Mixer. Both platforms have been actively trying to make famous twitch streamers switch their platforms.

This all began with Ninja when he announced his move to Mixer. Later Shroud joined mixer. And other notable move has been made by Youtube Gaming as they have made deal with Courage to be an exclusive streamer for their platform. Rumor has it that Mixer has been taking to other notable streamers like Dr Disrespect to switch platform. While it is too early to tell if mixer made the right call by acquiring Ninja and Shroud. The numbers are still not great in mixer.

Streaming market right now:

streaming data
streaming data

As it is really clear form the data twitch is still the king of streaming service. Having a big tech giant like Amazon is really reassuring for twitch. IT still has almost over 75% of the users. Most importantly they have amazon prime to attract the users to their platform.

Is Twitch too big to fail?

twitch data
twitch data

From the graph it is really clear that twitch almost has a monopoly when it comes to streamers. They have the most amount of viewers and they have the backing of Amazon. So, they are not going anywhere anytime soon. On the other hand Microsoft with Mixer , Youtube with Youtube Gaming and Facebook with Facebook Gaming is also trying their all to make a dent at that market. It is too early to tell how all of this will turn out. Time will tell i guess.


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