Fable trailer with in-game engine footage rumored to be shown at Xbox event

Rumors flying high as more insider info on a much-awaited Fable game, are revealed.

Microsoft is loading their big guns for next-gen with their Xbox Showcase. With what Microsoft is indicating, the show will be a game-changer for Xbox. In fact, Microsoft has said that the event will be 2 hours long with just game reveals and announcements. Although we are guaranteed that the gameplay of the Halo Infinite is in store. Different rumors and insider sources are constantly suggesting that Microsoft is finally reviving Fable with a brand new announcement. Some say its a reboot while others say it will be a sequel, called Fable 4.

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No new Fable game has released this gen except a card game, which disappointed the die-hard Fable community as well as RPG lovers. For next-gen, Microsoft is reportedly turning the tides with a new adventure through the fantasy universe of Fable. Furthermore,

An industry insider, Klobrille says on ResetEra;

“Just to get that expectation right, I don’t think anyone should expect a Fable announcement with a gameplay demo like what Halo Infinite will do.

I guess this will rather be in the Horizon-II-trailer-like ballpark, so an in-engine trailer but somewhat indicative of what to expect.”

Credit: Forbes

To summarise, Microsoft will be premiering an in-engine game footage rather than the whole gameplay. So, we know what to expect from the game. Even though Klobrille has a pretty good reputation in the leaking field, we should still be wary of every info on the internet. Especially on a public forum.

Additionally, Youtuber and industry insider Alana Pearce have also said that a Fable game is under development.

“Well, I know Fable is being made. I’ve said that a few times, it’s not been announced, but there’s just too many Microsoft employees that have told me on the sly cause I’m excited about it.”

-Alana Pearce

Rumors have been circulating since 2018, that PlayGround games are working on the development of a fantasy RPG for Xbox. Klobrill also leaked this rumor; more kept on adding from different sources. Hence by now, it is pretty much confirmed that a brand new Fable title is on its way soon.

Now we have to wait for more details on the Xbox Showcase on Thursday.

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