Ezreal is hovering around 40 percent pick rate for four patches now while maintaining one of the highest win rates

The Prodigal Explorer now has the highest pick rate in patch 10.12 while also having the highest win rate among AD carries.

AD carries had a shady run in Season 10, after getting tons of nerfs in Season 9. Many ADC mains including Pro players started to call this role “trash”, League of Legends’ communities was full of complaints as well. When it caught Riot’s attention, they started to make some big changes for ADCs which include patch 10.11 buff where they tried to bring back ADCs long lost carry potential.

Aphelios and Senna might have a flawless run at the start of Season 10, but the real dark horse of League of Legends was Ezreal. He nither had good nor bad win rate which resulted in receiving a buff in patch 10.3. And ultimately that buff was everything he needed, the Prodigal Explorer went from being an average ADC to the best ADC in just a few patches.

Ezreal win rate
Image Via Riot Games

Now on patch 10.12, Ezreal currently has a 52.51% win rate with an astonishing 46.72% pick rate which clearly makes him the best ADC. But it’s not like Ezreal got this massive pick rate out of blue, he has been maintaining above 40% pick rate in Korea for four patches now, according to op.gg.

A lot of players have been discussing his gigantic pick rate on Reddit lately. Some think he is not broken or anything, Ezreal is just the only ADC who can get tanky and deal damage at the same time. Building defensive items on top of his slippery kit, he fit in the current meta perfectly, thus, his pick and win rates are that high.

Another reason for his huge pick rate might be because of him building Death’s Dance. While being a 114% gold efficient Death’s Dance also suits Ezreal’s kit magnificently as Ezreal has around 60% win rate when he builds Death’s dance as his third core item.

Wheather Ezreal is overpowered or his win and pick rate is high just because of Death’s dance is still debatable. But, if his win rate and pick rate remain the same we might see some Ezreal nerfs in the upcoming patches.


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