Extra Salt defeat High Coast 2-0 in the DreamHack Open March 2021: North America semifinals

DreamHack Open March 2021: North America is a two-stage tournament based in North America and held online. Here 8 teams compete for the $70,000USD prize-pool and the winning team also qualifies for IEM Summer 2021 scheduled in June of this year.

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Extra Salt secured 1st place in group B winning both of their matches. High Coast secured 2nd place in group A winning two of their matches and losing one. They faced each other in the playoffs where Extra Salt managed to win the game quite convincingly.

Team Lineups:

Extra Salt:

  • Aran β€˜Sonicβ€˜ Groesbeek
  • Edgar β€˜MarKEβ€˜ Maldonado
  • Josh β€˜oSeeβ€˜ Ohm
  • Johnny β€˜JTβ€˜ Theodosiou
  • Justin β€˜FaNgβ€˜ Coakley

High Coast:

  • Josh β€˜PwnAloneβ€˜ Pigue
  • Ben β€˜ben1337β€˜ Smith
  • Rodrigo β€˜RCFβ€˜ Figueiredo
  • Ian β€˜motmβ€˜ Hardy
  • Brandon β€˜bewβ€˜ Roberts

Mapwise stats:

Dust 2
Extra SaltΒ 16-14Β High Coast
Extra SaltΒ 16-11Β High Coast

The first map was Dust 2 which was picked by High Coast. They showed an excellent performance in the first half and were ahead by a considerable margin. But in the second half Extra Salt managed to make an epic comeback and managed to clinch the map.
The second map was Vertigo picked by Extra Salt. In the first half both teams were evenly matched with an 8-7 scoreline. But in the second half Extra Salt kept a good defense and closed out the map as well as the series.
Out of all the players, Sonic and oSee showed outstanding performances from Team Extra Salt.

Extra Salt now heads to the DreamHack Open March: 2021 finals and will be facing off against paiN gaming to fight for the championship as well as a spot in IEM Summer 2021.

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