Ex-G2 members Cryn and Fresh joins Chaos Esports Club

Chaos Esports Club recently announced the signing of Cryn and Fresh, who were once a member of the G2 family.

Chaos Esports has been in the EU Pro league since season 7; however, they haven’t been able to get to the top of the table in any of them. Chaos has attended many of the R6 Minors over the years and managed to achieve 1st position in Siege Summer Series 2018.

With Secretly dropping out recently, Chaos needed a player to fill his gap in their roster. So they decided to bring in Cryn from LowLandLions.

Before LowLandLions, Cryn was once a player of G2 esports, who joined after the sudden departure of Goga in late November 2019. Cryn had a huge task on him at that moment, which is why he struggled to keep his position and was replaced by SirBoss just before the Six Invitationals 2020.

However, the situation is completely different now, as Chaos will be trying to push up to the table with the addition of some ex-G2 experience from Cryn and Fresh.

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Fresh was an analyst for G2 esports and working beside Shas and Sua earned him a lot of experience. “In the absence of Syred we have also been on the lookout for an analyst we feel can step in and take our team to the next level. We feel we have found that analyst in Fresh,” described Chaos EC in their post.

Chaos EC Rainbow Six Roster:

Pascal “cryn” Alouane

Aleks “VITO” Lyapun

Mattias “Renuilz” Nordebäck

Rasmus “REDGROOVE” Larsson

Ville “SHA77E” Palola

Support Staff:

 Jack “Fresh” Allen (Analyst)

 Galdim “Hyperino” Dani (Coach & Manager)

The new roster will play against AVEZ in tonight’s EU Open Clash charity tournament to help raise money for Doctors Without Borders.

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