Ex-CSGO Pro GeT_RiGhT is apparently switching to VALORANT

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Get_Right YouTube Channel

The Counter-Strike legend Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund is probably switching to VALORANT.

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After a long break from competitive CSGO scene, the Swedish eSports wizard is making a comeback. GeT_RiGhT’s remarkable Counter-Strike career with Ninjas In Pyjamas came to an end during the last quarter of 2019. Following his departure from NIP, Alesund joined Dignitas and reunited with his old teammates. As expected, the reunion didn’t work out well for him.

Dignitas soon benched GeT_RiGhT after months of mediocre performance. Besides that, Alesund had health-related issues that ultimately limited his ability to continue with the newly formed roster. However, after a long silence, GeT_RiGhT finally teased his comeback to the competitive scene with a short Twitter video.

Although the video lacks details, the message is obvious, GeT_RiGhT’s next destination is VALORANT. Previously, in a Tweet, he initiated a countdown that eventually let to this announcement.

GeT_RiGhT provided no further details about his ambition with VALORANT. His teaser video generated over 114k views in less than an hour. Many European CSGO professionals switched to VALORANT after the game’s full release during June of this year. In particular, players like mixwell & ScreaM are already dominating the European VALORANT scene. Nonetheless, the road ahead for GeT_RiGhT will be challenging, to say the least.

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