Ex-Astralis Counter-Strike player JUGi is seeking new opportunities

Jakob “JUGi” Hansen was introduced to the Astralis roster after Xyp9x & gla1ve took official breaks due to health-related issues. 

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The 23-year old Danish Counter-Strike professional JUGi is actively searching for a new team. After multiple months of inactivity, Jakob thinks its time for a reincarnation. During May 2020, Astralis’s “Clutch Minister” Xyp9x & In-game leader gla1ve announced their temporary leave from the active roster. The Danish organisation brought in JUGi & Snappi as emergency reinforcements to keep the roster going. 

JUGi spent two months in the roster. The sudden absence of Andreas & Lukas significantly deteriorated the team’s performance. Astralis was even struggling to perform in important events. However, after a few months, both JUGi & Snappi were released from the roster. Since then, JUGi’s presence in the CSGO scene has been very passive. 

In early October, JUGi stated his desire to switch to VALORANT. He said “I have for a long time speculated about my future. Now I have been all around the danish scene almost! I had some thoughts about to swap to Valorant. I played it a lot and I think I got quite good at it, but it’s just not the same at all.” Additionally, JUGi declared that his preference will always be on the side of Counter-Strike.

A recent Tweet from JUGi reconfirms his desire to be back at the Counter-Strike scene. The Danish eSports scene is immensely competitive; JUGi’s search for a stable team is undoubtedly taking longer than expected. Moreover, his primary role as an AWPer makes the window of opportunity much smaller. Nonetheless, the unpredictable nature of eSports might open more possibilities for this CSGO veteran.

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