Evil Geniuses will be exiting R6 after the end of this season

EG to leave competitive R6

Evil Geniuses one of the top-tier org will be exiting Rainbow Six Siege after the end of this season.

R6 leakers just confirmed the news via its Twitter account. Considering this account has reported the entire shuffle and has never been wrong, this is a sad day. EG was one of the first tier 1 org to join the game’s competitive scene.

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Even though there is still no official announcement as of now, there is a good possibility of them leaving based upon the track record of Leakers. Fans are understandably sad as the news struck right in time when COVID 19 is wreaking havoc all around the world.

Many are assuming that the coronavirus is responsible for this as the current situation might have really hurt their finances. Others are also saying that since Canadian left the org everything just went downhill.

This American organization has been active in competitive gaming since 1999. They were one of the few big orgs that were heavily invested in the R6 pro scene. What the future holds for this org and its R6 roster is still uncertain.

Many insiders are claiming that EG will make some sorts of public announcements regarding the matter really soon.

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