Evil Geniuses vs Dignitas LCS Championship Preview

Evil Geniuses and Dignitas kicks off the LCS Championship and here is the preview for the series.

With the LCS Summer Split wrapped up, we move on to the LCS Showdown to decide the top 3 teams for the region. For the first series, Evil Geniuses and Dignitas will want a win to face 100 Thieves in Round 2. Let’s talk about the teams and the match-up in greater detail.

Evil Geniuses

EG is one of the surprising teams this split, being one of the best teams this time around. Some may argue they were the best in this region in the split. Regardless, EG looks like a very solid team and they have shown to be a threat for the other top LCS teams. It all starts with their roster and their coaching staff.

With Peter Dun at the helm of the coaching staff, this team is very proactive and fundamentally solid. They have a great sense of the macro of the game and understand when to split push and when to force a fight. Granted, their aggressiveness at times can lose them games but it is good to see a team being proactive to make something happen. Their aggressiveness comes from the roster they have built, particularly from Ignar and Jiizuke.

We all know Ignar as one of the most aggressive supports in the region. For his entire career, he has attempted to make something happen to a fault. In this team, this is what they need out of him. He is always going forward, making a play, and trying to win the game for them. To reiterate, it is to a fault as that kind of style can also lose their games. Regardless, Ignar is an incredible asset to the team.

Jiizuke falls in a similar category in the mid lane. The Italian Stallion is always the guy that will jump in to try to create something out of nothing. Like Ignar, that also has a lot of drawbacks where Jiizuke sometimes just ints. On a good day, Jiizuke will give you the business. However, on a bad day, it could be a disaster for EG. Nevertheless, he is a solid mid laner and is one of the big focal points of the team.

The other players on the roster are solid players. Danny is one of the rising stars of the LCS where he has shown excellent mechanical prowess unlike most players in the region. However, Danny’s laning phase needs a lot of work. Aside from that, he is very solid. Another player is Impact, who is the very definition of solid.

Impact has played for about 10 years now and he is still one of the best weak-side top laners in the game. The best thing about Impact is not only will he not lose lane, but he will also be a huge plus during fight setups and engages. Svenskeren is also another solid player who does his job, whether it shadowing a lane or getting objectives.

The sum of all those parts makes them a solid team that is unafraid to pull the trigger.


Dignitas has had a lot of turmoil this split starting with some roster changes. The loss of Dardoch has inevitably hurt them and their strength as a team has dropped immensely. Also, they subbed Soligo for Yusui and that has not quite worked out as well. They do not look like a particularly remarkable team in the LCS and frankly have been slumping for most of this split.

The team itself has too many holes apart from the bot lane right now. Aphromoo is having an outstanding split and Neo is playing relatively well alongside him. However, the rest of the map is where things go wrong for them. While Akaadian comes into the team and tries his best, he is not at the level Dardoch was. Also, Yusui is the worst player on the team and he has proven to be a liability of sorts. Fakegod is not playing well himself and that is in a league with not many good top laners.

All in all, Dignitas does not look like they are in the best form. To be fair, DIG did beat TSM at the last week of the split so there is a little optimism for them in the playoffs. However, best not to keep your hopes up for them or there might be some disappointment in the corner.

The Series

This series is one of the most one-sided series in this tournament. EG is such a solid team that it will be hard for DIG to find a weakness to punish them. For the top lane, Impact is a rock for his team so it will be really hard for DIG to target the top side and Svenskeren will be there to cover the lanes he needs to.

Undoubtedly the biggest mismatch for the series is in the mid lane. Yusui vs Jiizuke is a rough matchup for Jiizuke and this could turn into a disaster for DIG. The best chance DIG has to win is to snowball through bot lane. Danny’s laning phase is a weakness and that’s where DIG should target.

However, for EG, they should already know this as Peter Dun is a very smart coach. Expect Svenskeren to hover around bot side to make sure nothing out of order happens. Outside of the laning phase, Danny is outstanding as a young player. For EG, it will relatively easy for them to win if they play as they did in the split. Be aggressive, do not take too many risks (who am I kidding, of course they are going to). The usual EG from Summer Split will win this series handily. This should be a 3-0 for Evil Geniuses.

In Conclusion

Concluding the article, this is a very favorable matchup for Evil Geniuses and they should be the victors of the series. For DIG, all they need to do is compete in this series, push EG the best they can and then go to the loser’s bracket and climb up through that. All in all, this will be a decent opener for the playoffs and will show how strong EG is.

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