Everything you need to know about the weapons Inventory and Storyline in Black Ops Cold War

COD Black Ops Cold War just finished it’s worldwide reveal. With all excitement and predictions, let’s take a quick look at what weapons are allegedly going to be in the Black Ops inventory.

Based on the original Black Ops of 2010 and the actual cold war era of 1947-1991, we are already dissecting the inventory section. Starting off from the Soviet Era AK47s to its American counterpart M16-A2s, there are also a huge number of other weapons at play.

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  • United States –  CIA and its allies  
  • Soviet Union –  KGB and Spetsnaz 

Some other fractions are also expected to play a major part in the story line because the CIA and KGB are not going to be in a direct face-off just like the Cold war, instead, we might see a lot of proxies fending off each other. Now, we cannot say anything about covert operations worldwide which is most likely to take place.

Inventory by Fraction

Rumored Weapons in U.S Inventory: 

  • M16-A2 
  • Stoner 63 
  • Colt Commando 
  • Type 
  • M40 
  • AK5
  • MP5
  • L96
  • UZI
  • Remington 700

Soviet & Other Inventory :

  • Type 63 ( China ) 
  • Ak-74u
  • SKS
  • RPK
A Cold Commando
Image Via: Call Of Duty Wiki Fandom

Besides these collections, we also have rumors and leaks about multiple fan-favorite perks coming back from Black Ops 2010. People are genuinely freaking out about some of these perks and abilities. Meanwhile, the storyline should be much different & totally unrelatable from previous Black Ops titles such as Black Ops 2,3 and 4 as they took a futuristic approach. Coming back to the cold war is a blessing for old and new COD fans alike. The Call of Duty series extracted itself from the much-hated futuristic storylines back in 2017 with the release of COD: WW2.

Everything is looking fine for the new Black Ops weapons inventory and storyline. Gamers and COD fans around the world are now even more excited after the new offcial reveal. 2021 is going to be big year for Call of Duty.

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