Everything you need to know about NA Six August 2020 Major

The Six August 2020 Major has already kicked off with the APAC region to find out the best teams in that region. And soon the North American teams will be joining the August Major, held completely online for the safety of players, staffs, and attendees.

The Six August 2020 ‘NA’ online tournament, also being titled as the ‘Mini-Major’, is just a week away from now, and here’s every detail Ubisoft has shared with us.


NA six august 2020 major
Image: Ubisoft

The NA online event will kick off on August 14th, where the top four teams from the North American League will compete in a double-elimination bracket to grab the title of the best team in the region.


Image: Ubisoft

In addition to proving that they are the best in their region, the teams will also be receiving SI points for the global table. Here is the SI Global points distribution:

  • 1st – 510
  • 2nd – 390
  • 3rd – 330
  • 4th – 275


The teams will be fighting for a total prize pool of $125,000 USD and will be distributed as such:

1st place: $62,500

2nd place: $31,250

3rd place: $18,750

4th place: $12,500


NA six talent

Host: Jacki Jing

AnalystsLoviel ‘Velly’ Cardwell and Jesse Chick

Commentators: Parker ‘Interro’ MackayMichael ‘KiXSTAr’ StockleyJohn ‘Blu’ MullenSamuel ‘Stoax’ Stewart

Correspondent: Jess Brohard

Twitch Drops

Just like previous Rainbow Six events, viewers will be able to earn special charms by watching the live-streams for a set amount of time. The watch times will continue from the APAC stream, as it will be accumulated across multiple Twitch channels and regional competitions.

There are Six in-game weapon charms that can be universally equipped: Bronze, Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. The longer you watch, the higher ranked the charm.

Copper: 2 hours watched
Bronze: 7 hours watched
Silver: 13 hours watched
Gold: 20 hours watched
Platinum: 25 hours watched
Diamond: 30 hours watched

So if you haven’t already registered for the twitch drops, you can do it here. The Six August 2020 Major for NA region will begin on August 14, and you catch it live on Twitch and YouTube.

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