Everything you need to know about European Six August 2020 Major

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Image: Ubisoft

The Six August 2020 Major has already wrapped up in APAC and LATAM region, and soon the European region will be joining the August Major. The EU August Major will also be held completely online, keeping the safety of players, staff, and attendees in mind.

The EU ‘Mini-Major’ will start right after the NA region has been completed, and here’s every detail Ubisoft has shared with us.


EU six august major
Image: Ubisoft

The EU online tournament will kick off on August 21th, where the top 4 teams of the European League will compete in a double elimination bracket in order to find the best team in this region.


Eu six august major
Image: Ubisoft

The top four European giants will go head to head in the quarter-finals, and the losing teams will move towards the lower bracket for their last chance to make it through to the Grand Finals. All games will be played as best of three except for the Grand Finale which will be a best of five match.

Prize Pool and SI points

The total prize pool for the European region will be $125,000 distributed as such:

  • 1st place: (285) $62,500
  • 2nd place: (165) $31,250
  • 3rd place: (105) $18,750
  • 4th place: (50) $12,500


Image: Ubisoft

The same talents from the APAC August Major will return to the Ubisoft Paris studio for the EU matches. As the LATAM region has now been wrapped up, Aceofpyrite will also be joining into this current casting team.

Twitch Drops

Just like previous Rainbow Six events, viewers will be able to earn special charms by watching the live-streams for a set amount of time. So if you haven’t already registered for the twitch drops, you can do it here.

Copper: 2 hours watched
Bronze: 7 hours watched
Silver: 13 hours watched
Gold: 20 hours watched
Platinum: 25 hours watched
Diamond: 30 hours watched

The Six August 2020 Major will wrap up with the EU Grand Finals, so this might be the place where we get to see the official reveal of the upcoming season (Y5S3) of Rainbow Six Siege. But nothing has been confirmed as of now, so keep following us for the latest updates.

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