Everything you need to know about APAC November Six Major

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

The November Six Major has already concluded in the LATAM, EU, and NA region. But now the APAC scene will join the Six Major hype, where we’ll get to see teams from APAC North, Oceania, and South Asia compete at the top-stage of Siege esports.

As confirmed by Ubisoft earlier, there will no LAN event this time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, we will see the teams fight in separate regional tournaments. Here’s every detail Ubisoft has shared with us.


All the matches will be broadcasted on the Twitch and YouTube main channels.

Global Schedule Major APAC
Image: Ubisoft


As previously announced, there will be three online competitions tailored to the specific structure of the Asia-Pacific region:

• The 6 highest-placed teams from the North Division will compete in a Single elimination bracket:

Bracket North

• The top 3 teams from the Oceanic Nationals will compete in a Gauntlet tournament:

Bracket Oceania

• The 4 best teams from the South Asia Nationals will play in a Single elimination bracket:

Bracket South

All games in the three tournaments will be played as best of three, except for the Grand Finals which will be best-of-five matches.



South Asian fans not to worry, as the same talents from APAC North will cast the SA matches, confirmed directly by commentator Dezachu.


The total prize pool for the Asia-Pacific region will be USD $125,000 and will be distributed as such:

North Division online event:
• 1st place: $25,600
• 2nd place: $16,800
• 3rd place: $12,800
• 4th place: $10,400
• 5th place: $8,000
• 6th place: $6,400

Oceania online event:
• 1st place: $15,000
• 2nd place: $9,000
• 3rd place: $6,000

South Asia online event: • 1st place: $7,500 • 2nd place: $3,750 • 3rd place: $2,250 • 4th place: $1,500



Just like previous Rainbow Six events, viewers will be able to earn special charms by watching the live-streams for a set amount of time. So if you haven’t already registered for the twitch drops, you can do it here.

With a huge prize pool and most importantly the valuable Six Invitational points, there are lots at stake for the APAC teams in this Mini-Major. The APAC November Six Major will kick off on Nov. 24th, ending on Nov. 29th with the APAC North finals. Watch it live on Twitch or YouTube.

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