Everything There is to Know About The Fall Guys Battle of The Brands

Fall Guys has announced a Battle of The Brands over who get their skin in the Game.

Fall Guys has taken the gaming world by storm with their simple game design and fun factor. Everyone is talking about Fall Guys. Now they have started a battle between brands to see who gets their skin in the game.

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What is Battle of The Brands?

Fall Guys announced on their Twitter that all brands want their brand skins to be in the game. So they turned it into a charity event. They called it the Fall Guys battle of the Brands. The brand that will donate the highest amount to SpecialEffect will get their brand skin in the game. SpecialEffect published a post about the fall guy’s brand bid and the amount of support they are receiving.

What is SpecialEffect?

SpecialEffect is a charity based in the United Kindom. They help disabled people play video games. The organization works with developers to make special equipment for players with disabilities in order to help them play games. You can learn more about them by going to their official website.

The Battle is on

Warframe was the first major brand to make the highest bid according to FallGuys Twitter. They bid $20,000 to put a Lotus skin in Fall Guys.

There were some bids by companies here and there and suddenly MrBeast swoops in with $100,000 bid.

MrBeast’s bid was quickly overtaken by BisectHosting with a bid of $120,000. Bisect hosting hopes to add a Minecraft style skin in the game.

G2esports came in with a pledge to donate $130,003 to SpecialEffect. They are currently the top bidder right now.

But MrBeast gave us a hint that he has plans for an even bigger bid next week.

So with all this bid war going on over on Twitter, this money will go to a good cause. No matter who wins the money can be used to help disabled gamers once again play their favorite game and that’s a noble cause.

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