Every Possible Pattern in Fall Guys Leaked at once including unreleased ones

Leakers have leaked every possible pattern available right now in Fall Guys.

Fall Guys is a battle royale game but it’s actually not a battle royale. It plays kind of like a game show, where players have to cross obstacles and race other players to the finish line.

Players have been going absolutely crazy over this simple yet fun game. Every streamer is playing Fall Guys right now. Skins in this game are also very popular with players.

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All Skin Patterns Leaked

In Fall Guys you can decorate your fall guy with different skins and patterns. A leak has recently surfaced that shows all of the upcoming patterns that are in the game. The leaked video also shows some of the unreleased patterns that are yet to be released.

Cosmetic items in Fall Guys can be obtained for free just by playing the game so these patterns will be hugely popular with players.

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