Every New Leak Related to the Predator in the Fortnite 15.21 Update

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Fortnite 15.21 update just recently dropped and there are a lot of leaks that came to the surface. Here you can find all the leaks that are of relevance to the Predator.

There have been leaks going around for almost a week that the Predator is going to be the secret skin of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5. In the 15.20 update, we saw the Predator Spray and Banner getting added to Fortnite.

Recently the new 15.20 update just dropped for all platforms. The downtime is over and the servers are already back up. The update size for each platform is given below-

PC: 620 MB
PS4: 1.4GB
Xbox one / seriesx:1.4GB
PS5: 1GB
Switch: 1GB
Android: 700MB

This new update has leaked a whole bunch of new things related to the Predator. These leaks include the actual skin, New mythic, Pickaxe, Predator built-in emote, and much more.

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Predator Quests:

The quests that players have to complete to unlock the Predator skin have been leaked. The questline is called “Jungle Hunter Quests” and they can be seen below-

New Predator Mythic:

Fortnite data miner HYPEX recently shared an image of the new Predator Mythic weapon that was added in the 15.21 update. The new mythic is called the “Predator’s Cloaking Device”. Using this mythic item will allow players to be invisible for a short duration.

The description of the mythic reads,” Become nearly invisible for a short time. Effect is removed by swapping weapons or when swimming.”

If this mythic item does indeed allow players to become invisible then it’s going to be very powerful in the hands of good players.

The Predator Mythic weapon’s invisibility duration stays for 30 seconds and goes into cooldown for 30 seconds after use. It takes 1 sec to come out of invisibility. There will be an alert sound 5 seconds before the ability duration is about to run out.

The gameplay of the ‘Predator’s Cloacking Device’ is given below-


Predator Skin Bundle:

I think it is already pretty clear that the Predator is going to be the week 7 secret skin for Season 5. Besides the skin, we also will have a pickaxe, backbling, wrap, and other cosmetics. The Predator skin and accessories are part of the battle pass and can be unlocked by doing challenges.

The Predator skin also has a built-in emote following the trend of battle pass skins in Season 5. When using the emote the Predator removes his mask and lets out a scream. The in-game view of the emote can be seen below.

The Predator skin’s gameplay can be seen below-


Predator Boss:

The Predator noises can currently be heard in-game if you visit ‘Stealthy Stronghold’. This proves that the Predator Miniboss will spawn in this area and you can get the ‘Predator’s Cloaking Device’ mythic item by killing him. The sound that the Predator NPC boss will make is given below as well as how he will look like.

The Predator Boss will use his pickaxe as a weapon while fighting players. The damage numbers are given below thanks to HYPEX.

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