Every new info that emerged from a 1.5h Izak000 stream about Valorant

More familiarity with CS than one might think

Riot just launched a preview of their upcoming tactical FPS Valorant and here is every new detail that emerged from Alfa testers.

Izak000 one of the few streamers who got a chance to experience the game in Alpha state recently talked about the game in detail for almost 1.5 hours during his Livestream. Reddit user by the username tsLk decided to translate the stream as it was in polish.

Here is a rundown of everything he talked about during his Livestream translated directly from Polish.

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Valorant in early days

At the time, alfa testers could play only 2 maps – one of which is 3 sites map shown on the footage, and the second is 2 sided map.

That second map has 2 teleports which act as a teleporter so you can travel to the second bomb site, but only once (once you teleport you can’t come back). He said it really changes the pace of the map, but he liked 3-sided more.

But let’s start from the beginning. There ware 8 characters but devs are working at 4 more which will be probably released with the premiere. Every character has 4 abilities: 2 of them you can buy (in different amounts for different characters), one is available in every round after cooldown (30/40 seconds – it depends) and one ultimate which you can’t buy. Instead, you have to get points. Every point is counted by kill, death, or you can pick orbs – there are 2 of them on the same spot respawning every round. It takes 7/8 points to get ult.

The trailer is apparently different from the actual game?

Maybe the most important info about the game is that the trailer doesn’t really show how it feels. He was saying that they are clearly overusing abilities just to show them in a short period of time. They are not more than an addition, and no single one is better than the precise aim or good movement. It’s not optimal to use them so much as shown because they are not so good – we won’t see them as frequently. It’s easy to counterplay them, they are easily noticeable and you can’t avoid them(shooting down wallhack arrow, for example, rushing drone deployer, spamming mid-air dart thrower). If you have a good aim – you will still have an advantage.

Weapons are clearly overworked cs weapons

There is AWP, scout, Galil, Famas, M4 with a silencer, AK-47, SMGs, shotguns, and pistols, really the same thing. The only difference is that they are two or three weapons that you can zoom in, and it changes the way you are shooting. For example, there is a weapon that you can spray with, but if you zoom in you will be able to burst only. There is a weapon that you can tap only too (it has 12 bullets).

Movement is similar to cs, but acceleration is visibly smaller. It results in that you can’t really be killed by jiggle peeking.

Shooting feels one to one from Counter-Strike

Players from cs will have huge advantage over new or OW players. (PashaBiceps [cs go ex-pro] for example when he was focused on killing, not using abilities – had 29 kills for map) Spraying is the same as in cs, but patterns are different. You are even less accurate than in cs while running.

Sound Design

Sounds are very clear, footsteps even more noticeable than in CS, most of the abilities can be heard really clearly.

One funny thing: in CS there was an update with a menu that changes crosshair. He said that some alpha tester had to leak the Valorant system to Valve because it’s too similar. (As you can see CS is already trying to concur with it).

Shadow of war

And one big thing. There will be a new system called the shadow of war or smth like that, which doesn’t give your PC information where the enemies stand till you see them. It’s supposed to be a weapon against cheaters. Although it isn’t new as CS also has something familiar.

On the downsides, he said that movement feels a little bit too slow for him, and maps are too flat.

To summarize – it’s cs with new stuff. In his opinion, it will be very attractive to cs go community, and he thinks that this game has huge potential, which isn’t visible on the trailers. Personally he loved it, in his opinion, it’s in some aspects better than cs go and will hugely affect it (note that he has over 9k hours in it) but he didn’t like the trailer.

Valorant is set to release in summer 2020. These are details from Alpha testing so many features or additions that he may have talked about might not see the light of day in the final product.

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