Every changes expected to arrive with Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Shadow Legacy

Ubisoft recently released the official teaser of Operation Shadow Legacy, where Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher will be joining the Rainbow Six team as a playable operator.

Sam ‘Zero’ Fisher

Sam Fisher was initially labelled as “classified” in Ubisoft’s Year 5 roadmap, but now we know who that operator will be. Fisher’s operator name will be titled as ‘Zero‘, but nothing else has been officially confirmed by Ubisoft as of now.

However, earlier leaks suggest that Zero will have a special camera gadget, and when fired from his unique launcher the cameras will adhere to the wall. He can then remotely control the cameras and shoot projectiles from them at defenders, with each pellet dealing 5 damage.

Sam Fisher will also be bringing the SC3000K assault rifle from the splinter cell series to his primary load-out. He will also have the option of the MP7 SMG, and the 5.7 USG handgun, along with a grenade or claymore as his secondary gadget.

Skyscraper Map rework

According to the Year 5 roadmap, Ubisoft will be releasing the Skyscraper rework in Year 5 Season 3. Leaker Zer0Bytes_ has already released some footage of this new rework from the dev build; however, we still have to wait to see the polished version of this map rework.

New scopes

Ubisoft accidently sent notifications during the MUTE protocol event, where we got the first glimpse of the new scope coming in Y5S3. This new optic will have less magnification than the 2.5x Acog scope that we currently have in-game. Ubisoft have also confirmed new sensitivity sliders for different levels of zoom in their top issues blog.

Secondary Hard Breacher

Back in Six Invitational 2020, Ubisoft announced that they will be bringing a new secondary hard breaching tool for attackers. The new gadget will make small circular holes in walls and floors, although we are not sure yet if it’ll completely destroy reinforced hatches or not. It is also not confirmed if this tool will be coming in season 3 or 4.

Gameplay and Bug Fixes


“Most of you have encountered this issue, where drones refused to spot a specific bombsite. We identified the source of the issue being linked to another player spectating the drone at the same time, when that player moved on to another camera, so did the ability to detect bombs.”

This issue will finally be fixed in the upcoming season as confirmed by Ubisoft.


We are currently looking at improving the vault detection code to make the action easier to perform and to be more reliable”, stated Ubisoft.

The full reveal of Operation Shadow Legacy will be streamed live on August 16th at 6 PM UTC during the NA Six August Major finals. So you can watch the stream live on Twitch and earn special Twitch Drops for free.

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