European VALORANT teams expressed concern about the First Strike Qualifier match format

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: RIOT Games

VALORANT teams across Europe are worried about the single-elimination format in the knockout stage. Professional players are concerned about the outcome of this setup.

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RIOT’s first major VALORANT tournament First Strike is about to take place in early December. Multiple teams are participating in qualification matches to grab their spot in the final event. As expected, some Tier 2 teams have already pulled off big upsets. While Tier 1 teams are struggling to solidify their place in the final event, many professional players are worried about the (B01) match format. 

Statistically, G2 is the best performing European VALORANT team right now. During their qualification match against the newly formed Guild Esports, they got knocked out in a (BO1) match. Later, Guild Esports got disqualified for using an “Illegal Boost” which kept G2’s position intact for the rest of the tournament. This circumstance created an essential debate about the (BO1) format.

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According to the VALORANT community, the (BO1) format is not an efficient way to evaluate a team’s overall performance. On top of that, playing one single map creates a stressful situation for the players. In a (BO3) format, teams can recover from any dire condition and ultimately obtain a victory. Moreover, this qualification procedure leaves no room for error in a match.

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