European teams that qualified for the November Six Major and the EU Finals

The first season of the new European League has finally come to an end. With the last playday of stage 2 ending yesterday, we now have the teams confirmed for the November Six Major 2020 and the European regional finals.

Ubisoft confirmed that the November Six Major will now only be an online tournament instead of a LAN event, which is why it is being titled as the ‘Mini-Major’. Here are the four teams that made it into this Mini-Major.

  • BDS Esport
  • Team Empire
  • Tempra Esports
  • Virtus.Pro

EUL Stage 2 standings

R6s EUL stage 2 standings
Image: Liquipedia

The November Major spot was open until the last playday, as BDS Esport and Virtus.Pro were the only teams to secure their position for the Major. This meant Team Empire, Secret, G2 Esports, Tempra all had a chance to qualify for the ‘Mini-Major’.

In Playday 9, Team Empire went against Team Secret and G2 Esports faced Tempra Esports, and the winner of both of these matches would directly guarantee their major spot. The Russians once again showed their capability by defeating Team Secret with a 7-4 scoreline on Kafe Dostoyevsky.

On the other hand, G2 Esports were the favorites to advance to the Majors as they went head to head against Tempra Esports in Oregon. But to everyone’s surprise, Tempra managed to snatch a 7-3 victory against G2, as they gained an early advantage by winning 5 rounds on defense. G2 Esports once again fail to display their dominance with the new “Super Team” squad, and they will have to prove their worth in the future as they did manage to qualify for the EU finals.

EUL full season standings

EUL season 1 standings
Image: Liquipedia

Combing the two stages of the European League, the table shows the top 4 teams who will advance to the EU Finals in December. Chaos EC sitting at the bottom of the table will be auto-relegated from the league, while Rouge will have another chance to fight for their EUL spot against Challenger league teams.

Not only the teams will be fighting for the $125,000 USD, but they will also be receiving Six Invitational points through this November Major. Here’s a breakdown of the prize pool and SI points, the four teams will be receiving:

EUL season 1

The middle 5th-8th placed teams in EUL stage-1 will receive SI points respectively 225, 180, 140, 115.

The November Six Major will kick off with the LATAM region on October 30th, and for EU it will begin on November 6th, ending on November 8th. Unfortunately, the fans won’t be able to enjoy the games live in the arena. But we will surely get to see some intense fights from all the teams in these online events.

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