Estral Esports permanently banned from Rainbow Six Esports for match-throwing scandal

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: R6 LATAM

Estral Esports, known as one of the best teams in the Latin American Rainbow Six Siege scene, has been permanently banned from the R6 esports circuit.

Back in November 2020, Estral Esports was involved in a match-throwing scandal, where they lost intentionally against Infinity Academy during the last playday of the Mexican R6S Championship, forcing the Mexico Esports Team (MET) into a relegation situation.

After an investigation, Ubisoft sanctioned Estral with an economic fine and banned their player ‘Fungi for 3 matches.

And now, Estral Esports is once again under the spotlight as an investigation was carried out against the player known as “Toski”, around player poaching.

After gathering evidence and reviewing this case, Ubisoft has confirmed that “Toski” had indeed incurred in a poaching situation. And some further evidence was collected, which ties with the previous case, confirming that the staff and players of Estral Esports were involved in the match-throwing scandal.

“We also have collected evidence showing Estral Esports coordinated said conduct and used its management authority to prevent this reprehensible conduct from being known by Ubisoft in an effort to avoid a sanction, even when directly confronted on this matter,” stated Ubisoft.

Due to these breaches of the Code of Conduct and pressuring players to not disclose information, Ubisoft has decided to “permanently ban the participation of Estral Esports in any official Rainbow Six Circuit, as well as issuing a permanent ban to Estral’s board of directors and main managers from any association in any competition of the Rainbow Six Circuit in any capacity.”

Also, the player “Toski” will be banned for 9 months, meaning he won’t participate in the 2021 Pro league season. The other competitive staff and players of Estral Esports will be receiving a competitive warning, which may result in serious sanctions in case of a future breach of the regulations.

Estral Esports won both their region’s August and November Majors and the Campeonato Mexicano 2020 Finals. And with the org now banned, we will have to see how it changes the Mexican esports scene.

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