Esportal reached out to Valve following KRIMZ’s mysterious vac ban

Esportal contacted Valve regarding the recent VAC bans as Freddy “KRIMZ” Johansson has mysteriously received a Valve Anti Cheat (VAC) ban on his account.

Considering the tweet made by the Swedish competitive platform, it seems that there might be some other victims of the mysterious VAC ban.

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Following the incident, the CSGO gaming community was bewildered. Later, Esportal assured everyone that this should probably be solved soon and there’s nothing to worry about.We see no reason to be worried, our developers are waiting for contact from Valve and it will probably be solved soon, the platform stated in the tweet.

Esportal reached out to Valve

Esportal Contacted Valve

It seems that the client produced by Esportal is considered a cheat by the Valve Anti Cheat solution (VAC). And all this hassle is caused by the client people use to play on the Swedish platform.

Esportal Reached out to Valve

However, nothing has been confirmed by Valve. Until then no one can say for sure what is the actual reason behind the recent ban.

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Esportal sent some information regarding the ban to Valve and they are patiently waiting for feedback. It is probably resolved but we are still waiting for Valve to give feedback on all the info we sent them that they requested, they said as a reply to the earlier tweet.Trying to keep you updated here during the night as soon as we hear anything from them.

The whole story has not been revealed by Valve as of writing. It seems we have to wait a little bit longer to find out the real truth behind the sudden VAC ban.

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