ESL Pro League CSGO to be played online

ESL Pro League Online?

Amid the coronavirus fears, ESL just announced that ESL pro league CSGO will be played online.

As the world health organization(WHO) just declared the coronavirus or now known as COVID 19 as a pandemic, many eSports events got postponed or outright canceled. It looks like ESL is taking the other route by making the tournament online.

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ESL explained that the safety of the players, fans and managing crew comes first. That is the sole reason behind this decision. Most of the organizations are understandably disappointed but all of them showed their support towards this decision. Safety always comes first.

We’re, of course, sad about the situation, but safety must come first! Thanks for your support and we can’t wait to lift a trophy with you soon!

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At this point in time, COVID 19 is solely responsible for canceling so many events that it is difficult to keep track right now. Organizers are really taking matters seriously as they are making this tournament online only.

It is still unclear when this outbreak will be manageable enough so that most of these events can see the light of day. COVID 19 is spreading so fast right now that it is difficult to say when this situation will get any better.

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