ESL Pro League adds Ancient to the competitive map pool in CSGO

On the 4th of May, Ancient has been added to the Active Duty group of Counter Strike’s map pool. Following this, ESL has confirmed that it will be featured in upcoming tournaments.

Ancient or De_Ancient is a Bomb Defusal map added to the game during the Operation Broken Fang update back in December 3rd, 2020. The map was initially added to the reserves group but later after various fixes and patches moved to the Active duty Group.

The map shares a lot of its props and textures from de_aztec enough to the point it can be considered a remake of the map. Veteran players who have been playing since Counter Strike 1.6 or Source will find Ancient very similar to Aztec.

After Operation Broken Fang ended and with feedback from players, Ancient was tweaked so that its A site has two entry paths into the side for the CT side. There has been a plateau added as well as minor alterations to the B site.

Map locations and Callouts for Ancient

Image via u/Night_not_day
Image via u/Night_not_day

For the players out there not familiarized with the map yet, Ancient can be a tricky map to start learning. The foliage and tunnels make specific map callouts difficult. But with this handy graphic, we can see all the locations of the map and their professional Callouts.

With Intel Extreme Masters Season XVI – Summer set to kick off on the 3rd of June, it will be the first ESL Pro Tour major to include Ancient. Keep your eyes on our website to stay updated with the schedule, fixtures, how to watch, and grand final coverage of the event.

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