ESL has Made these Changes to Tackle this CORONAVIRUS Outbreak

ESL is taking matters seriously

CORONAVIRUS has already made so many events around the world to close its gates. It looks like ESL will be having health screening of attendees to combat this outbreak.

Even though Poland has yet to see any case of CORONAVIRUS, it seems ESL isn’t taking any chances. They are seemingly working with the Polish officials to make this process as effective as it can be to combat this situation.

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Amid this CORONAVIRUS fears, every attendee will be screened accordingly according to the officials. Especially those players that come from places that are already infected will need to provide valid health certification.

Or else these players will have to have additional mandatory health screening to confirm their states. To help ease the situation ESL will more likely to provide more medical health professionals in the area.

At this moment in time, the coronavirus later named COVID 19 has already spread to at least 42 countries, infecting over 80,000 people and reportedly claimed as many as 3,000 lives. Last month the World Health Organization(WHO) has already declared it a global health emergency

Fans are mostly relived with the news that ESL is taking matters seriously. ESL is willing to take extra steps to make sure all the attendees, as well as its organizers, are secure.

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