ESL clubs to leave FIFA franchise

Twelve clubs are seemingly leaving the FIFA franchise after the announcement of ESL.

FIFA is one of the biggest football video game franchises, and it could get dethroned soon. Sad news has hit the footballing world after they announced how ESL will work. The European Super League will only contain clubs that are invited to join the tournament. Due to this divide, ESL clubs have announced they will leave the FIFA franchise.

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Fifa 21 is a fan favorite since the Champions League was finally in the game. Super League Clubs leaving the franchise could turn out to be unsatisfactory FIFA and EA. Not to mention fans are upset as the new FIFA game is just around the corner.

ESL clubs leaving FIFA franchise
Credit- EA Sports

PES which is the biggest competitor to FIFA is still behind FIFA mainly due to their exclusive ties with the big clubs. Although, ESL could be the breakthrough it needs. However, ESL clubs taking a leave from the FIFA franchise will take a toll on EA Sport’s FIFA game series, if not anything else.

ESL clubs will not be in the game since FIFA does not recognize them, according to their statement. To sum it all up, this could result in FIFA losing fans and loyal gamers that have continued to support the series.

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The clubs include Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham, Inter Milan, and Juventus. All of these clubs have decided to leave the franchise and game series. We could also see ESL making their own game series.

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