ESL bans HEROIC, MIBR and Hard Legion Coaches for abusing Bugs in CSGO

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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ESL Counter-Strike has issued a ban on 3 major competitive team coaches for abusing bugs. Just recently, ESL Counter-Strike made the ban public on Twitter. The recent ESL ONE Cologne EU region winner HEROIC is also on the list. MIBR and Hard Legion also fell into the ban list.

The community is calling it ” The Cypher Cam Bug “. The bug allowed these coaches to gain an unfair advantage against their opponents during matches. ESL Counter-Strike described the usage of bugs as a violation of rule “6.10.5” which prohibits the exploitation of bugs.

The Bug

The Cypher Cam bug allowed these coaches to spot certain locations on the map to cover more angles. It requires no luck or accidental clicks, the bug can be utilized intentionally on purpose. Therefore making the ban more acceptable and just.


Heroic coach HUNDEN used this bug for 10 rounds on a single map. It is unclear if he used it for 10 consecutive rounds or just 10 random rounds. Similarly, Hard Legion’s coach MechanoGun used the bug for 6 rounds on 3 different maps. Meanwhile, MIBR coach dead exploited the bug for only 1 round on 1 map. ESL Counter-Strike did not make it clear about which round or map the bugs were used.

Consequently, MechanoGun is getting a 2-year ban for abusing the bug for the longest amount of time. HUNDEN and dead will receive 12 & 6 months of ban from playing or coaching in CS:GO. ESL Counter-Strike is also revoking the prize money and tour points while also disqualifying them from the tournaments.

Community Reaction

CS:GO Community is pretty familiar with dramas and bans. This is no exception either. Apparently, everybody is reacting to the situation with a Valorant character reference. The Valorant Agent in the spotlight is Cypher. Cypher is known for stalking the enemy with his camera. Due to the Bug’s appearance and closeness to the Cypher’s Camera, players are now comparing the bug with Cypher Camera.

ESL Counter-Strike thanked Michal Slowinski for his efforts in the investigation. The bug could still appear somewhere else but ESL did notify other organizers about it while they work on to solve the issue at hand.

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