Epic Teases A Possible Marvel Blade Skin Bundle Coming Soon

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Epic Games/ Marvel

Epic has recently teased a possible Blade skin bundle on multiple occasions since the release of the 14.20 update.

Blade is a superhero in the Marvel comic universe. He is depicted as a human-vampire hybrid who is on the hunt for Evil Vampires. Blade has trained himself to become the ultimate vampire hunter. He was first introduced in the Marvel comic universe back in 1973. At that time he was introduced as a supporting character in a different comic but later he became the star of his own comic series.

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Blade Bundle Teased

For some time now Epic Games has been giving us hints that Blade is joining the Fortnite universe. The first hint we got was with the 14.20 patch notes. This patch note was only sent out to content creators and it contained information about the 14.20 update.

If you already looked at the image below then you surely noticed that some letters are highlighted in red. putting these letters together spells “daywalker”. Blade is the only character in the Marvel comic universe who is called a Daywalker.

We all know from movies and comics that a vampire’s ultimate weakness is the sunlight. Blade is a human-vampire hybrid so he can still go into the sunlight like regular humans. So he is known among the vampires as Daywalker.

Epic teased Blade in the 14.20 patch notes
Credit: Epic Games

Recently they also tweeted about a possible Blade skin bundle on their official twitter. In the tweet, they used some emojis. The first emoji is a sunglass that Blade wears all the time. Next, we can see a sun that symbolizes Blades’ nickname daywalker. Then we can see a vampire and finally a blade. This confirms that a possible blade skin bundle is coming in the future.

A leak about the blade bundle has also surfaced after the 14.20 update. According to the leak, the sword on Blade’s back is a pickaxe and a backbling at the same time. This feature is similar to the Captain America shield that we already have in the game.

With all the leaks that Epic is dropping it seems that the Blade skin could be coming to the item shop sooner than we think.

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