Epic Nullifies Fortnite Tournament Results and Reschedules Due To Login Error and Players Getting Kicked

Epic Games has nullified the results of a Fortnite tournament and rescheduled it to a later date due to massive login errors and players getting kicked.

Recently a massive number of players all across the world were getting an error while trying to play Fortnite. A lot of players got a login error and many others got kicked out of their game. They also received an error message “You do not have permission to play Fortnite”. This created a massive panic online as millions of players thought that their Fortnite account was banned.

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Even Fortnite Youtuber Ali-A thought he got banned. He posted a video on Twitter where he shared exactly what happened. He was fishing in-game and suddenly got kicked out of the game.

Fortnite published a statement on Twitter saying they started investigating issues related to kicks and logins. They also said in another tweet,

“Players who see a message saying “You do not have permission to play Fortnite” or “Your account no longer has play access to Fortnite” because of this issue are not banned from Fortnite”

Epic took the servers offline shortly after as they tried to fix the issues affecting millions of players. At the time of writing this, the servers have come back online.

Fortnite Tournament’s Rescheduled

At the time of this login and kick bugs, EU competitive players were taking part in a tournament called Paradox’s Platform Cup. Many players playing in the tournament got kicked due to the kick and login bug. Fortnite Competitive issued a statement saying that the Paradox’s Platform Cup results were nullified. They also rescheduled the event to Friday 9/18 for the EU region.

The Paradox’s Platform Cup in NAE/MAW/Br regions also got rescheduled to Saturday 9/19.

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