Epic Games Reveals All Details Related to Fortnite Galaxy Cup

Epic Games has recently revealed all the details related to Fortnite Galaxy cup.

A few days ago leakers leaked about a new Tournament that was called Galaxy Cup. Today we got official news from Epic games about all the info of the new upcoming Galaxy cup and the possible reward Galaxy girl skin and wrap.

Epic Games released all the details in a blog post on their official website. If you want to read the details in full then you can do so here. For people who do not have time to read all these rules and regulations, I’ll summarize the important things below.

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Tournament Date:

Epic games has declared the official date for the tournament to be on the 25th and 26th of July.

Galaxy cup Credit: Epic/Samsung

Am I Eligible to Participate?

Yes anybody with an android device that can run Fortnite can participate in this tournament. Previously it was thought that only Galaxy device owners would be able to participate in this tournament. Now Epic has confirmed that any Android device that can run Fortnite can participate.

You also need to have 2 Factor Authentication turned on your Fortnite account. Players under the age of 13 cannot participate in this tournament.

Scoring System

The scoring system seems to be like any other tournament from before.

How to Get the Galaxy Scout Skin?

The Galaxy Scout skin will be offered to top placement players from each day. Players who participate in a minimum of 5 games will receive the Star Scout Wrap.

Will The Galaxy Scout Ever be in the Item Shop?

Yes, The Galaxy Scout skin and the Star Scout Wrap will be in the item shop at a later date.

There is no actual date when the skin will be out in the item shop. If we compare with previous skins the Dark Tricera Ops skin was in the item shop after only a few days. While the komplex skin took almost a month to come to the item shop.

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