Epic games make $15 billion in the last 3 years, the majority from Fortnite alone

From court documents, there has been information revealed to the public relating to the revenue earned by Epic Games. It has been revealed that the company earned more than $15 billion in the past 3 years alone.

Epic Game is a Video Game company based in America. Epic Games also has its own video game platform named the Epic Games Launcher. It off as a smaller platform but with the introduction of Fortnite, the platform began booming. Millions of new players flooded in and the platform had it observed a spike in activity.

Epic Games also offers a plethora of other games along with discounts on multiple titles. Also, they offer free giveaways for a range of games every month or so. The biggest free game giveaway was definitely GTA V. On May 1st, 2020 Epic Games made the game free and the servers had been hit with so much traffic that it was rendered difficult to access for multiple days.

But the biggest earning source of Epic Games was Fortnite. The game has over 350 million players as of 2021 with many established Streamers and a Pro scene. The cumulative prize pool for the game in 2020 was $7.8 Million, one of the highest ever in esports.

Epic Games Revenue in the past 3 years

2018: $5.7 billion
2019: $4.2 billion
2020: $5.1 billion

The majority of this enormous revenue comes from Fortnite. Regardless of the game being free, in-game purchases are the main reason it makes so much money. 97% of Epic’s 2018 revenue was from Fortnite. It was still 88% in 2019.

Epic games still remain a huge competitor of established platforms like steam. In 2021 with Fortnite and ever-increasing exclusive deals on games, the revenue of Epic Games will continue to rise to epic proportions.

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