Epic Games Announces When Downtime Begins For Season 3

Epic Games the creators of Fortnite announced when the downtime for the new season will begin.

Players all over the world enjoyed the Device event on 15th June. Those who couldn’t join the event enjoyed it on youtube, Twitch, and other streaming platforms. Epic Games limited the numbers of players in order to smooth the experience for players. A lot of people couldn’t get into the event because of this reason. The event brought new hype to all the players.

So a lot of players are eagerly waiting for the beginning of the new Fortnite season. It has been more than 100 days since Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 started. If this was chapter 1 we would already be finishing season 4 and heading into season 5.

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So it’s no wonder players cant wait for the new season to drop and make the game new and fresh again.

When Does the Downtime Start?

In a Twitter post today Epic Games announced when the downtime is going to start.

Owl Drone?

The downtime announcement also had this teaser with it. This last teaser had all the previous teasers inside of it and a surveillance owl in the middle. The owl is the one who showed us all of the previous teasers. We got to see them through the eyes of the Drone Owl. At this time nobody knows what is the purpose of the own drone.

Bigger Patch Size

With the release of the new season the patch sizes are going to be larger than before. Epic games let us know about it.

There is no doubt Epic Games will make the game feel new and exciting with the release of the new season.

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