Epic Games And Sony Big Collaboration, Sony Invests 250 Million Dollars in Epic games

Epic Games and Sony have apparently signed a Collaboration deal. Sony has invested 250 Million Dollars in Epic Games.

Sony is a multinational company that has many products starting from Fridges, TVs, Phones to gaming consoles. It is the company behind the gaming console PS4. They also have a lot of other products on the market.

Epic Games is another Big Gaming company based in the USA. Epic Games are the creators of the popular battle royale game Fortnite. Recently they have made their own video game distribution platform. They are trying to compete with Steam. So they are trying to entice people into using their launcher by adding more features and giving away free games such as GTA V, Ark, Civilization-VI Killing Floor 2, Batman Collection, etc.

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Epic Games and Sony Collaboration

According to Slasher on Twitter who is a known esports consultant and leaker, we got to know about the collaboration deal between Sony and Epic Games. Apparently Sony has invested 250 Million dollars in Epic games that give them a minority stake.

With this investment, there might be big future collaborations between these companies. But Sony will not influence the games Epic Games decides to release or in their creative freedom. Epic Games will probably use this money to bring new features and release more games in the future.

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