Epic Finally Nerfs Superpowers in Fortnite

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Epic games/ mang0eleaks

Epic Games has finally nerfed superpowers in the latest Fortnite 14.10 update that dropped yesterday.

Epic Games introduced superpowers in the Season 4 update. There are currently a number of Marvel superpowers available in-game. These superpowers can be acquired by eliminating Dr Doom and Iron Man. They can be found in Doom’s Domain and Stark Industries POI respectively.

There are also some other superpowers that can be acquired by destroying the Stark Industries drones found in Quinjet Patrol sites.

Since their introduction players have been debating whether they are overpowered or not. Many players complained that they give an unfair advantage to the wielder.

Many pro players also claimed that the addition of superpowers in a Battle Royale game increases the RNG element. The players who get these superpowers get a massive advantage over their opponents according to some pros.

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Players have been calling for the nerf to these superpowers since their release. Looks like Epic finally listened, as in the latest 14.10 patch almost all superpowers received a significant nerf.

Superpowers Nerfed

Epic Games has significantly nerfed almost all of the superpowers. All of the superpower nerfs are given below-

Doom Chain Lightning Changes (NERFS): – Environmental Damage decreased from 125.0 → 45.0 – Max Chain Targets decreased from 5 → 3 – Boost cool-down increased from 8 → 10 seconds.

Doom Ball Lightning Changes (NERFS): Environmental Damage decreased from 5000 → 300

Groot’s Bramble Shield Changes (NERFS): – Ability Cool-down increased from 20 → 30 seconds – Max Health decreased from 400 → 100 – Max Acceleration decreased from 1500 → 800 – Ground Friction decreased from 0.4 → 0.01 – Movement Speed decreased from 1000 → 800

She-Hulk Jump Smash Changes (NERFS): – Cool-down increased from 0.05 → 5 seconds – Environmental Damage decreased from 5000 → 300 – No longer stuns opponents upon impact

She-Hulk Fist Attack Changes: – First Strike Damage decreased from 60 → 45 – Second Strike Damages for 55 (new) – Third Strike Damages for 70 (new) – Fourth Strike Damage decreased from 120 → 100 – Environmental damage decreased from 500 → 80

Black Panther’s Kinetic Absorption Ability Changes: – Cool-down increased from 10 → 20 seconds – Damage Resistance decreased from 0.5 → 0.2 – Kinetic Explosion damages players for 40 (new) – Explosion damages the environment for 90 (new)

Silver Surfer’s Surfboard Changes: – Cool-down increased from 25 → 30 seconds

Storm’s Tornado Ability Changes: – Tornado Life Span decreased from 10 → 2 seconds – Damage to Builds decreased from 5000 → 100 – Cool-down increased from 15 → 25 seconds – Knocks players up and back – Being Hit by the tornado cancels powers for 0.4 seconds (new)

Thor’s Sky Strike Ability Info + Changes: – Cool-down of 25 seconds – Damages players for 80 – Damages Environment for 600 – Knocks back vehicles and players

Iron Man’s Repulsor Cannon: – Cool-down of 35 seconds – Insanely long-range – Damages Players for 90 – Damages Structures for 300

Iron Man’s Gloves: – Boost Cool-down of 15 seconds – They have aimbot – Medium ranged – Targets players and ticks for 1? (glove info could be off)

Wolverine’s Claws Ability Changes (NERFS): – Blocking health decreased from 2000 → 50 – Environmental damages decreased from 150 → 50 – Air Attack & Spin Slash cool-downs increased to 5 seconds – Also has evade mechanic, same as She-Hulks. (unfinished/unreleased)

Some of the superpowers like iron Man’s Repulsors and gloves did not get any nerfs as they just came out. They might receive nerfs in future updates.

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Nawshad Noor is a former Editor at GameRiv.