Epic Announces That They Want to Uphold The Competitive Integrity of Fortnite Tournaments

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Epic Games

Epic has recently released a blog post about how they want to uphold the Competitive Integrity of Fortnite going forward.

The recent Fortnite Competitive playlists all saw controversy as the competitive integrity of these tournaments were at risk. Multiple cases of pro players cheating and teaming were talked about by the community. Some Pro players even caught their teammates cheating during a tournament.

There were also a lot of teaming allegations regarding the Competitive Fortnite tournaments. A lot of pro players were accused of teaming up with other players during solo tournaments. Fortnite World Cup champion Bugha received a warning for apparently teaming up with another player. Pro players were also accused of splitting up POI.

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After all of these controversies, Fortnite’s competitive integrity is at question. Recently Epic Games published a blog post on their official website addressing these issues. They announced that they want to uphold the competitive integrity of future Fortnite tournaments.

Epic’s Blog Post Discussed

In this section of the article, I will be discussing the official blog post. If you want to read it yourself then click here.

According to Epic Games, they want to maintain the highest level of Competitive integrity possible. They also mentioned that hosting such large scale open tournaments is very difficult and they are always trying to improve.

“Our goal is to maintain the highest level of competitive integrity possible, while operating at a massive scale. Hosting fair and open tournaments in a free-to-play game is a huge undertaking, and we’re always working to improve. Ensuring a positive experience for players means catching bad actors and taking action swiftly!” 

Epic also mentioned that their automatic cheater detection and action was delayed because of some internal system errors. Apparently these problems have been fixed and going forward the detection will work as intended.

“Recently we discovered an error in our internal systems that resulted in our automatic detections and actioning being delayed. Regardless of the error, the cheaters were eventually caught by our AntiCheat and banned automatically. This error has been corrected and all automatic actionings are functioning  in near-real time again. Additionally, all of the accounts detected cheating during FNCS this season were disqualified and actioned appropriately. ”

They also introduced a new way to report suspicious activity. Players can report suspicious activity by filling out a form. below is the first page of the form where you can report suspicious activity.

Fortnite Competitive integrity Form
Credit: Epic games

Hopefully, with all the promises Epic Games is making we will get to see the competitive integrity of Fortnite restored in the future.

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