Elden Ring Age rating could be a hint to a trailer release date

Elden Ring may get a trailer or a release date soon hints Bandai Namco.

E3 2021 will mark 2 years since Elden Ring got announced. Bandai Namco recently age-rated the game on their Website. They have been very quiet about the game and everything revolving around it. This could potentially be leading to a release date window or at least a trailer for the patient fans.

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Although recent leaks turned out to be false about a new trailer, it is may well possible now. Adding more, the North America website of Bandai Namco also does have an age rating for the game now. Generally, games get a final age rating after the trailer comes out, and before that, they have a provisional age rating. Since it does not yet have an official PEGI page, this begs the question are we getting a trailer soon?

Jeff Grub recently replied to a tweet teasing Elden Ring news, which could nudge us in the direction of a trailer release window. It could well mean we might get something in the next 60 days or so but, there is no confirmation from Bandai Namco yet.

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Generally, games get provisional ratings before they are finished. As we are now seeing them on the website it could mean the game is half-way through development. We all are hoping we get to see something on the game soon from Bandai Namco. The game was confirmed for PC, Xbox One, and PS4, although since the New-Gen consoles are here we can expect them to announce it on them too.