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Follow this Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising guide to learn where to find all the resources in the game and why they are needed.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is a great game inspired by the legendary Suikoden series and the predecessor to the hyped Eiyuden Chronicle Rising: Hundred Heroes. This side-scrolling action game RPG offers a short but sweet introduction to the Eiyuden Chronicle universe.

Since it is an action-heavy game, equipping the best equipment is an important factor. Moreover, in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, you also have to support and grow your town, which helps you to progress further into your adventure. To accomplish all this, you will need to search and gather various resources in your adventures.

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How to use resource materials in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

Different types of materials are used to upgrade your party’s armor, weapons, and even your town. Almost all kinds of resource materials in Eiyuden Chronicle Rising have to be gathered from dungeons and environments or dropped as loot from enemies. A few of them are purchasable or growable in the game, mostly food items. Furthermore, these materials also have different rarities. So you can easily have an idea of which is the more valuable ones.

You can take your gathered resources to various merchants/ vendors on Outlander Lane, Second Street, and the Rune Quarter. They will help you in upgrading whatever you require. Given you have enough Baqua. You can strengthen your equipment and tools to harvest rarer resources and add/ upgrade various establishments for your town to provide better stat boosts, buffs, resistances, materials, resources, food items, etc.

Therefore, we have come up with this Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising guide, listing all the resources and how to obtain them

All Resources in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising and Where to Find Them

Drops from enemies

Eiyuden Chronicle Rising Resource Materials
credit: Rabbit and Bear Studios
  • Ebony Pelt/White Pelt/Flaming Pelt: Dropped from Wolves in The Quarry, Snowpeak, and Lava Ruins.
  • Gargoyle Wing/Stone Wing/Shock Wing/Icy Wing/Fiery Wing: Dropped from flying gargoyles in various dungeons.
  • Giant Branch: Obtained as dropped loot after defeating the Hollow Plant boss in The Great Forest.
  • Golem Ruble/Golem Plate/Metal Shard: Dropped from the machine-like foes in the Runebarrow.
  • Giant Hunk of Ice: Obtained as dropped loot after defeating the Blizzard Brothers boss in Snowpeak.
  • Giant Lava Rock: Obtained as dropped loot after defeating the Mantor Wyrm boss in The Lava Ruins.
  • Ogre Horn/Shield Fragment/Armor Shard: Dropped from sword and shield-wielding ogres. Ogres owning shields will drop Shield and Armor Shard.
  • Giant Stone: Obtained as dropped loot after defeating the Lode Golem boss in The Quarry.
  • Lightning Magic Vestige/Ice Magic Vestige/ Fire Magic Vestige: Dropped from magic casting enemies found within The Great Forest Snowpeak, The Lava Ruins.
  • Slimejelly/Yellow Slimejelly/Blue Slimejelly/Purple Slimejelly/Red Slimejelly: Dropped from slimes residing in dungeons.
  • Small Pelt: Dropped from small foxes.
  • Sugar/Salt/Black Pepper/Chili Pepper/Curry Powder: Dropped from the floating enemies found in the dungeons.
  • Titan Nectar/ Frozen Nectar: Dropped from Rafflesia like flower enemies found in Snowpeak and The Great Forest.
  • Wyrmskin: Dropped from the aggressive worm enemies in the Great Forest and The Quarry.
  • White Whisker/ Fire Whisker: Dropped from the Yeti monsters from Snowpeak and Lava Ruins. Fire Whiskers can only be found from the ones on Lava Ruins. Meanwhile, White Whisker from the ones on Snowpeak.

Found in the surroundings as pickups across the map

  • Azure Crystal/Viridian Crystal/Crimson Crystal: Usually found in the optional paths and rarely dropped after defeating enemies.
  • Bronze Ore/Silver Ore/Gold Ore: Collected through mining using the pickaxe tool. Located in the Quarry and Snowpeak.
  • Crystal/Amber Crystal: Shiny rocks or crystals found in The Quarry. Destroy their ores when you see them using your weapons to pick them up.
  • Fish/Choice Fish/Succulent Fish: Use your fishing rod and take part in the minigame to catch any of the three fish. The valuable ones will require upgraded rods.
  • Herbs/Nuts/Wild Vegetables/Wild Bird Egg/Frostgrass: Found commonly lying on the grounds of the Great Forest and Snowpeak. Also purchasable from the Farm after a certain point into the game.
  • Lapis Lazuli: One of the rarer rocks in the game. This big blue crystal is hard to locate, but you can find one after beating the Yeti mini-boss in Snowpeak.
  • Lumber/Lightweight Lumber/Hardwood Lumber: Obtained from cutting various trees in The Great Forest. Just like Fishes, the more valuable wood requires the use of upgraded tools.
  • Meat/Choice Meat/Exquisite Meat: Lay traps at specified trap spots in dungeons to catch animals and harvest their meat. Catching better Meat requires better traps. They are obtained through upgrading.
  • Ore/Huge Ore/High-Purity Ore: Mine rocks using the right tools in the Quarry to obtain ores of varying tiers. Of course, the higher tier needs better tools.
  • Savorcap/Glowshroom/Fragrantelle/Shivercap: Found commonly in all dungeons. They are pickable once destroyed.
  • Stone/Heavy Stone/Durable Stone: Minable and also found in The Great Forest. You have to mine a lot if you’re looking for Durable or Heavy Stone since they drop less frequently.
  • Sylvan Crystal/Lithic Crystal/Ancient Crystal/Niveous Crystal/Molten Crystal: They are even rarer than Lapis Lazulis. On your explorations, you will hardly come across these runic crystals, even though they can be found in the surroundings and as rare loot drops from more challenging enemies. Also found in Trading Posts.
  • Topaz/Sapphire/Ruby/Emerald: Although they may seem rare, the four precious stones are usually found in chests that reside deep within dungeons. As a result, you may have to explore every nook and crannies for them. Also found at Trading Post.

Found in your Town Farm and Pasturage

Eiyuden Chronicle Rising All Resource
credit: Rabbit and Bear Studios
  • Broccoli
  • Cheese
  • Farm Egg
  • Ham
  • Milk
  • Strawberry
  • Thunderbird Egg
  • Wheat
  • Yogurt

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