Echo temporarily banned from the competitive scene of Rainbow Six Siege

After recent reports of the indestructible Echo’s Yokai Drone glitch, Ubisoft has decided to default-ban this operator from competitive play until further notice.

Echo’s drone glitch is not a new thing, and as in the previous season Siege players already experienced this glitch. This game-breaking bug made Echo’s Yokai drone indestructible, so players couldn’t shoot it down after spotting it.

This is why Echo was banned from competitive play a few months ago. However, Ubisoft assured that the bug was fixed and Echo was unbanned later, only for the glitch to return again in this new Shadow Legacy Patch.

Earlier this week, we saw the glitch in full action in the Oceanic Nationals, where Wildcard Gaming lost a round against Rhythm in the last seconds due to this glitch.

Because of this the match went into overtime; however, Wildcard did end up winning the match with an 8-6 scoreline, which could’ve easily been a 7-5 victory. Eventually, this resulted in an uproar in the Rainbow Six Siege community, as the bug was reportedly stated as fixed in the previous season.

Many teams in the US division made an agreement together to not use Echo in their matches. Fortunately, Ubisoft has now quarantined Echo from the competitive operator pool, saving the trouble of forming a gentleman’s agreement.

Still many pros were unhappy with how this news was shared to them. Many teams didn’t know that this ban was coming, and it seems they found out just as we did by checking Twitter.

At least Ubisoft did react quickly after the Oceanic Nationals game, but they still need to work on their communications with the Professional teams.

This default Echo ban could open up more interesting bans to the table, and deliver some overall entertaining gameplay to all the fans.

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