Earn the Subaquatic Zenyatta (Epic) skin in the 2nd week of Overwatch Archives

Overwatch Archives is a recurring yearly event that focuses on the lore that the present game is based upon. It is a seasonal event that features events of the past centering around the Omnic Invasion, Talon and our favorite Overwatch heroes. For the 2nd week of Archives, Blizzard announces a new challenge that rewards an Epic Zenyatta skin.

Overwatch releases the majority of its content through seasonal events like Halloween Terror, Winter wonderland, Summer games, etc. One of these events is Overwatch Archives. As the name suggests, these are archived information about events that happened in the past centering the Overwatch heroes and enemy organizations.

To earn the Week 2 Challenge rewards, players need to play Archives missions. They will reward players with an assortment of a player icon, a unique spray, and finally the Subaquatic Zenyatta Skin (Epic).


Spray: Deep in Thought
Epic Zenyatta Skin: Subaquatic

The player icon features a graphic of the head of the Subaquatic Zenyatta skin. It represents the front window of a submarine. The Deep in thought spray features Zenyatta meditating on the bottom of the ocean, surrounded by fishes.

The main reward for the Week 2 Challenge of the Overwatch Archives event is the Zenyatta Subaquatic Epic skin. It features Zenyatta in a bronze-like primary color resembling the hull of a submarine with a cyan secondary color meant to represent the side windows of a submarine. Zenyatta’s head resembles the front of a submarine with reinforcements to withstand the pressure underwater.

Play now to unlock the Zenyatta Subaquatic skin and the other cosmetics!

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