In-game Look at New ‘The Collection’ Landmark in Fortnite

A new landmark is going to be added to Fortnite today. Here is an in-game look at the The Collection Landmark in Fortnite.

According to some leakers, a new landmark is going to appear near Retail Row. There are already rifts appearing around the place where the new landmark will be. The name of the new landmark is called ‘The Collection’. It features a variety of things encased in glass cases.

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Possible Location of ‘The Collection’ Landmark

The possible location of The Collection landmark might be near Retail Row. We can already see some rifts appearing on top of the mountain near Retail.

Fortnite The Collection Landmark Possible Location
Fortnite: The Collection Landmark Possible Location

In-game early look

The in-game look of the new soon to be added landmark can be seen below.

We also got an early sneak peak at the glass cases breaking sound. I believe previously we did not have any breakable glass sounds in Fortnite. So this glass breaking will be a new thing.

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