EA Sports bringing back their golf series with PGA Tour

EA Sports’ signature golf simulator, returns with PGA Tour.

Just like Madden NFL or FIFA. PGA Tour used to be EA Sport’s yearly sports title. With many interesting and customizable features, that soon became popular among the golfing community.

After its inception in 1995 PGA Tour under EA was very popular among the sports community. Featuring, realistic simulation-based gameplay and more.

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In fact, legendary Tiger Woods was a part of the game, having marketing deals with EA. But soon the series went into a pause after diminishing popularity and poor reviews of their more recent titles. Especially Rory McIlroy PGA Tour.

Today, out of the blue, EA Sports announced on Twitter that they’re bringing back PGA Tour with a brand new game. Furthermore, it seems they are planning to make it a yearly series. Like their other sports titles.

It seems EA is trying to go head to head in with 2K here too. As 2K Games also announced their own PGA Tour game, in addition to a Tiger Woods deal. Golf games are not a hugely popular game genre, hence, competition will be high as both companies will give their all to attract the niche community of golf game fans.

In similar news, EA Sports is also reviving their NCAA College Football series. Both used to popular and praised games during their prime time. Can EA Sports give both sports series a proper return?

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