EA FC 24: Top 7 Best Players with 90+ Potential

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Here are the top 7 players with 90+ Potential in EA FC 24.

EA Sports has just released EA FC 24, the latest edition of the largest and most famous football franchise. Starting a new year, the player ratings of each player have seen some sudden changes. If you are a Career Mode fan of EA FC 24, you will have an amazing time this season. With a lot of wonderkids being introduced through the game, you will have plenty of signing options for your team in Career Mode.

One of the most exciting features of the Career Mode in EA FC 24 is the potential ratings of the players of your team. These players start with a base OVR and, after training and development plans, can reach certain ratings, which will turn them into one of the best players in the entire game. With the recent release of EA FC 24, the ratings of every player have been changed a bit. Here are the top 7 best players with 90+ potential in EA FC 24 Career Mode.

Top 7 Best Players with 90+ Potential in EA FC 24

#7 Khvicha Kvaratshkhelia

EA FC 24 Khvicha Kvaratshkhelia
EA Sports

The 24-year-old Georgian Khvicha Kvaratskhelia has been one of the most discussed and highlighted players of 2023. This Napoli LW is showcased with a potential of 92, making him one of the best signing options for the career mode. With a staggering 87 in dribbling, your left wing will be rock solid for the rest of the month.

#6 Pedri

Pedri EA FC 24
EA Sports

Ah, yes, the Golden Boy Pedri has to be one of the top wonderkids of EA FC 24 and one of the top players with the highest potential. The 20-year-old Catalan midfielder has an amazing dribbling rating of 88 with an OVR rating of 86. Pedri has the potential to reach a 92 OVR rating with a growth rate of +6.

#5 Jamal Musiala

Jamal Musiala EA FC 24
EA Sports

Jamal Musiala can be said to be the forward of EA FC 24 and undoubtedly the best young lad to sign in your career mode. The 20-year-old CAM has an OVR rating of 86 and an amazing dribbling rating of 91. Jamal Musiala has the potential to reach 93 potential, which is the highest potential for any young player in EA FC 24.

#4 Federico Valverde

Federico Valverde EA FC 24
EA Sports

Federico Valverde is already a common face in the FIFA games due to his presence in the most recent version as well. Already, you can see how much Carlo trusts him. Valverde is to be a descendant of Modric in the current CM of Real Madrid. He has received mass buffs in all attributes, with an impressive pace of 88 and a physic score of 82. This Uruguayan can be a good signing in your career mode due to his potential to reach a 92 rating from 86.

#3 Vini Jr.

Vini Jr EA FC 24
EA Sports

Vini Jr. is the fastest player in EA FC 24 with a Pace rating of 95. The Brazilian left winger has a five-star skill move rating with an OVR of 89. His amazing performance played a crucial role in Real Madrid’s UCL run of 2023. Vini Jr. has received moderate buff in his Passing and Shooting rating, with each being 78 and 82 presently. Vini Jr. is one of the best players to sign in EA FC 24 Career Mode, with a potential rating of 94.

#2 Kylian Mbappé

Kylian Mbappe EA FC 24
EA Sports

Kylian Mbappé is already one of the highest-rated players in EA FC 24. The French sensation needs no introduction as he has already been one of the best players in FIFA 23 as well. Kylian Mbappé has an OVR rating of 91 in EA FC 24, with a 90 Shooting rating and a 92 Dribbling rating. Kylian Mbappé has a potential rating of 94 OVR with a growth of +3.

#1 Erling Haaland

Erling Haaland EA FC 24
EA Sports

The UCL winner, Erling Haaland, is the best breakout star in EA FC 24. With his sensational performance in the EPL after his transfer to Manchester City, the Norwegian striker has an OVR rating of 91, a shooting rating of 93, a staggering 89 pace rating, and an 88 physicality rating. Haaland has a potential rating of 94, which makes him the best player to sign in Career Mode.

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