Dying Light 2: Best Parkour Skills Guide

Find out which Parkour Skills you must learn to be able to navigate your way in the zombie apocalyptic world of Dying Light 2: Stay Human.

The much-awaited Dying Light 2 is finally here. The post-apocalyptic action survival horror sequel is now set in the fictional Villedor city of Europe. Players get to play the role of Aiden Caldwell, a brave survivor who is on a mission to find his lost sister in a dangerous, zombie-infested world.

Dying Light 2 is a huge open-world game, with its map size being four times larger than that of Dying Light 1. So there is a lot of exploration and resource scavenging opportunities for players. Aiden is extremely agile and uses parkour to navigate his way through this world. And it’s a skill he heavily relies on for survival during his travels.

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That’s why, Dying Light 2 has introduced us not one, but two separate skill trees focusing on different aspects of Aiden’s skills. While there is a Combat skill tree that functions like that of any other game, Dying Light 2 also features a unique Parkour Skill tree that is dedicated to enhancing Aiden’s movements.

As you start out this journey, you may feel confused about which skills to invest in. But worry not, as we have brought you this guide to not only let you know about all the different Parkour Skills available in Dying Light 2 but also the skills you must have to take your adventure to the next level.

List of All Parkour Skills in Dying Light 2

There are currently a total of 24 Parkour Skills available in Dying Light 2. Unlocking each of them consumes 1 Parkour Point. Below is the complete list of Parkour Skills along with their effects.

  • Active Landing: Aiden can make a good landing without breaking his momentum, taking less fall damage.
  • After Boost: a burst of speed is granted after succesfully performing certain parkour moves
  • Bash: you can now bash through opponents and obstacles alike without stopping.
  • Crowd Runner: You can charge right through a group of enemies without losing any of your momentum and incurring much damage to yourself.
  • Dart: Your movement speed increases temporarily.
  • Dash: You can keep dashing for however long your stamina lasts.
  • Double Jump: You can jump to an even greater height while jumping off obstacles.
  • Enemy Jump: You can jump or vault off enemies while in the middle of a Dart or Dash.
  • Far Jump: Make an even bigger jump by using an obstacle to spring you forward.
  • Fast Climb: Movement speed on ledges is increased when going up and to either side.
  • Firm Grip: When landing on ledges from greater heights, your grip is maintained. You are also able to make the last climb on ledges even after running out of stamina.
  • High Jump: You can jump higher to climb hard to reach ledges.
  • Landing Jump: After performing an Active land, you will follow it up with an instant jump.
  • Ledge Jump: You can now jump while climbing on ledges to get further more quick.
  • Rotate Jump: You are now able to turn 180° while making a jump.
  • Safe Landing: Increases the height from which you can land without taking any fall damage.
  • Sleek Runner: Increases the speed at which you can navigate through tricky obstacles.
  • Slide: You can now slide through tight openings in walls and under other obstacles
  • Slide Jump: You can jump up directly from a Slide without losing your momentum.
  • Stealth Movement: Sneaking now increases both your mobility and speed.
  • Tic Tac: You can now run alongside vertical platforms.
  • Wall Combo: Will combine Wall Runs and Tic Tac.
  • Wall Run: You can now run upwards vertical surfaces.
  • Wall Run Jump: Allows you to jump while performing a Wall Run.

Top 10 Parkour Skills in Dying Light 2

Below we have listed our top picks for the best 10 Parkour Skills you can unlock in Dying Light 2, along with the prerequisite Skill and Stamina requirements of unlocking each of them.

10. Active Landing

  • Unlocking Requirements:
    • Skill: High Jump
    • Stamina: N/A

We believe that Active Landing is one of the most basic yet vital Parkour skills that everyone should unlock as early in the game as possible. Death from accidental falls or missing the timing of one’s jump is a more common occurrence than one would like to believe. Active Landing prevents that by allowing Aiden to dive roll upon landing – minimizing fall damage while keeping his momentum.

9. Safe Landing

  • Unlocking Requirements:
    • Skill: Active Landing
    • Stamina: 140

This is basically an extension of the benefit that Active Landing provides. Safe Landing increases the height from which you can land without taking any fall damage. Unless you fall from an incredibly tall building now, your chances of dying on impact will become slim to none.

8. Far Jump

  • Unlocking Requirements:
    • Skill: High Jump
    • Stamina: 120

As mentioned earlier, Dying Light 2 has a huge open world. And you have to find a way to cover as much ground as you can in as little time as possible. You may find yourself in situations where there is a large gap between two platforms that cannot be crossed with your standard jump. For example, if you want to cross buildings with huge gaps between them, then Far Jump is a great skill to have as it allows you to use an object as a springboard to catapult yourself forward, allowing you to cover greater distances with your jump.

7. Ledge Jump

  • Unlocking Requirements:
    • Skill: Fast Climb
    • Stamina: 180

Honestly, this is one of those quality-of-life improving skills that are just great to have, but not an absolute necessity. Ledge Jump allows you to jump up while climbing ledges, increasing the pace at which you can finish climbing all the way up a ledge. You could stop at Fast Climb, but we believe Ledge Jump will really help you out in situations where you’re being chased.

6. Sleek Runner

  • Unlocking Requirements:
    • Skill: High Jump
    • Stamina: 120

In an open-world game that is set in a zombie apocalyptic world, a lot of running is expected to be involved. A high running speed with high maneuverability is a must-have requirement when you are being chased by zombies. After all, you can’t let the obstacles in your way slow you down! That’s why we believe Sleek Runner is an essential skill to unlock, as it increases the speed at which you can navigate through tricky obstacles when running.

5. Slide

  • Unlocking Requirements:
    • Skill: Sleek Runner
    • Stamina: 160

This is a fantastic skill to unlock as it lets you slide under tight spaces with ease while running, and you still get to keep up your momentum. It is incredibly useful against chases. Moreover, it is also best to unlock this skill as early as you can, as you may notice that simply sliding under obstacles with openings can be more convenient than jumping up and over them.

4. Crowd Runner

  • Unlocking Requirements:
    • Skill: Sleek Runner
    • Stamina: 160

The situation might not always present itself in your favor where you can just start chasing in the opposite direction after zombies have spotted you. Sometimes, you need to plow right through them to escape. In situations where you find yourself surrounded by enemies, Crowd Runner becomes a lifesaver as it lets you charge right through a group of enemies without losing your momentum. Moreover, the damage you incur is reduced substantially.

3. Dart

  • Unlocking Requirements:
    • Skill: High Jump
    • Stamina: 140

As we just mentioned earlier, high running speed is key in a game like Dying Light 2. That’s why Dart is an essential skill to have as it increases your running speed temporarily. Triggering it before jumps also allows you to cover larger distances without shaving off chunks of your stamina. Pairing it with skills like Sleek Runner and Slide will make you both unstoppable and untouchable.

2. Wall Run

  • Unlocking Requirements:
    • Skill: Tic Tac
    • Stamina: 200

This is an incredibly fun skill to unlock, as it allows you to run upwards vertical surfaces such as walls or trains. You can quickly get away from the dangers faced at street level with this skill, simply making it one of the best Parkour skills you can have in Dying Light 2.

1. Firm Grip

  • Unlocking Requirements:
    • Skill: High Jump
    • Stamina: N/A

Running out of Stamina is a very common problem in Dying Light 2, especially in the early game. That’s why Firm Grip is a lifesaving skill that allows you to hold onto the ledge even after you run out of stamina, therefore preventing premature falling. It gives you that little push you need to save yourself. Moreover, even when you jump towards ledges from a great height, you maintain your grip and avoid dying from accidental falls.

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