Dying Light 2: Best Combat Skills Guide

Find out which Combat Skills you must learn to be able to survive in the zombie apocalyptic world of Dying Light 2: Stay Human.

Dying Light 2, which is set 22 years after the events of the first game, brings us a thrilling new experience of surviving in a post-apocalyptic world infested with zombies. The open-world action survival horror game is experienced through the eyes of Aiden Caldwell, whose mission is to venture across the fictitious city of Villedor in search of his sister.

Throughout his journey, Aiden constantly needs to rely on his combat and parkour abilities. These abilities can be enhanced individually through the game’s unique split skill tree system – one for Combat skills and the other for Parkour skills.

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The experience points Aiden earns from performing different activities earn him skill points that can be used to unlock various important skills in both skill trees. In addition to that, as Aiden finds more and more Inhibitors that can be used to increase either his stamina or health, more skills become available to him for unlocking.

In this guide, we will be specifically focusing on the Combat Skills in Dying Light 2: Stay Human. Keep reading to learn about every Combat skill currently available in Dying Light 2, along with our top picks for the best 10 Combat Skills that you must have to help you fight off zombies and humans alike.

List of All Combat Skills in Dying Light 2

There are currently a total of 24 Combat Skills available in Dying Light 2. Unlocking each of them consumes 1 Combat Point. Below is the complete list of Combat Skills along with their effects.

  • Air Kick: Land a powerful kick on your enemy when dropping onto them from above.
  • Block Charge: When you charge towards an enemy while blocking, it will now knock them down.
  • Block Projectiles: Block incoming projectiles such as knives and arrows when they are thrown at you
  • Deflect Projectiles: Deflect incoming projectiles back towards the attacker.
  • Dropkick: Land a powerful kick while jumping.
  • Grapple: Use the charging attacker’s momentum against them and throw them to the side.
  • Grapple Throw: The power of your Grapple is now increased, knocking them to the ground.
  • Ground Pound: Activate while in mid-air to perform a powerful attack during landing.
  • Head Stomp: Can now stomp on the heads of enemies lying on the ground.
  • Ledge Takedown: Pull down enemies standing close to a ledge to take them down.
  • Parkour Shot: Aiden can now use ranged weapons during parkour.
  • Perfect Dodge: Dodging opponent’s attacks at the precise moment leaves them staggered.
  • Perfect Parry: Performing the perfect parry or dodge will now leave your enemies staggered for a longer duration.
  • Power Attack: Perform a powerful attack that deals increased damage, breaks blocks, and interrupts incoming enemy attacks.
  • Power Shot: Attacks with ranged weapons deal bonus Damage with a Piercing effect
  • Precise Aiming: Aiden’s aim is increased for all ranged weapons.
  • Serial Shot: Allows you to shoot up to three projectiles at once.
  • Smash: Enemy’s head will now be smashed when dropping onto them from above.
  • Smash Jump: After performing Smash, jump immediately to perfrom another aerial attack.
  • Stab: (Requires a Knife): take down unaware enemies quickly with a knife.
  • Stab Followup: Automatically throws a knife at another nearby enemy after a successful Stab takedown.
  • Vault Power Kick: Vault kick now has more force that can send enemies flying.
  • Windmill: Perform an attack over a large area of effect, hitting all enemies surrounding you

Top 10 Combat Skills in Dying Light 2

Below we have listed our top picks for the best 10 Combat Skills you can unlock in Dying Light 2, along with the prerequisite requirements of unlocking each of them.

10. Vault Kick

  • Unlocking Requirements:
    • Skill: N/A
    • Health: N/A

This is the very first Combat Skill that is unlocked as part of the game’s tutorials. The effect of this skill is that it allows you to charge up to staggered enemies and vault over them, following up with a flying kick. This skill is incredibly useful on its own, as it allows you to infuse parkour in your combat. After performing a Perfect Block on an enemy and leaving them staggered, you can jump over the staggered enemy to close the distance between you and a nearby opponent, landing on them with a kick.

9. Drop Kick

  • Unlocking Requirements:
    • Skill: Air Kick
    • Health: N/A

In our opinion, Drop Kick is the better version of a Vault Kick. Drop Kick allows you to run towards an enemy and land a powerful kick them as you jump. It’s an incredibly fun skill to use. Moreover, the kick is powerful enough to send enemies flying. It works especially well on enemies standing close to a ledge, as it throws them off the building – killing them instantly.

8. Perfect Dodge

  • Unlocking Requirements:
    • Skill: Vault Kick
    • Health: N/A

Perfect Dodge is a perfect Combat skill. This skill not only allows you to evade an incoming attack but also leaves the enemy staggered in the process – giving you enough time to follow up with a counterattack. It’s a must-have Combat skill as the combat system in Dying Light 2 is mostly melee-focused.

7. Block Projectiles

  • Unlocking Requirements:
    • Skill: Perfect Parry
    • Health: 160

This is another useful skill that you must unlock as it will come in very handy when you come across archers in the later game. Moreover, you will occasionally also come across enemies that use throwing knives as their choice of weapon. This skill allows you to block incoming projectiles, may it be knives or arrows. Not to mention, you will need to unlock this first if you want to unlock the Deflect Projectiles skill later down the line.

6. Head Stomp

  • Unlocking Requirements:
    • Skill: Vault Power Kick
    • Health: 180

Head Stomp allows you to instantly kill downed enemies with one kick. The skill on its own may not feel like an important one to have, but it definitely comes in handy when dealing with multiple enemies where you just want the fight to be over with quickly.

5. Power Shot

  • Unlocking Requirements:
    • Skill: Precise Aiming
    • Health: 200

If you’re someone who relies on ranged weapons in combat, this skill is a must-have. Power shot not only increases the damage dealt from bows and crossbows but also has a piercing effect. It will give you the oomph you need in your ranged attacks.

4. Block Charge

  • Unlocking Requirements:
    • Skill: Perfect Parry
    • Health: 160

This skill works beautifully on both the undead and humans alike. Block Charge allows you to rush towards an enemy and tackle them down. What’s impressive about this skill is how well it works on the side of rooftops and near ledges. When you grab them by the collar and push forward, the enemy will die instantly from the fall, but you will not incur any fall damage – no matter how tall the building is!

3. Perfect Parry

  • Unlocking Requirements:
    • Skill: Vault Kick
    • Health: 120

Perfect Parry essentially makes Perfect Dodge even more perfect, as it increases the duration of the enemy’s staggered status ailment after performing a perfect dodge or parry. It is also one of the best Combat Skills to have in Dying Light 2. When the enemy is left exposed, you will have ample time to counterattack.

2. Smash Jump

  • Unlocking Requirements:
    • Skill: Smash
    • Health: 220

The game will provide you with enough opportunities to take down enemies from above. However, even with the help of Smash, a skill that lets you insta-kill an enemy while dropping on them, you may still be at a disadvantage if you are outnumbered. That’s why Smash Jump is a must-have combat skill as it allows you to chain ariel attacks together to take down multiple enemies in one go.

1. Power Attack

  • Unlocking Requirements:
    • Skill: Vault Kick
    • Health: 120

This skill does a lot. Not only does it allow you to perform a powerful attack that deals increased damage, but it also breaks the enemy’s blocks, as well as interrupts incoming enemy attacks. This skill is pretty useful in dropping enemy health to half, but also comes in incredibly handy because the enemies in Dying Light 2 tend to block often. In simple words, it makes you unstoppable.

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