Best Blueprints to Get in Dying Light 2

Find out which blueprints offered in Dying Light 2 are worth unlocking and upgrading as soon as possible.

Dying Light 2 is the second major installment in Techland’s zombie-apocalypse-centric Dying Light franchise. The game is set in a vast open-world where players need to scavenge for resources to ensure their survival. To help make Aiden’s journey across Villedor easier, he will come across a variety of blueprints for weapons, consumables, tools, and ammo that will teach him how to put those scavenged resources to good use.

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While some of the more important blueprints are unlocked during the main story quests, players can also purchase blueprints and upgrade them from the Craftsmasters stationed at every safe zone and hub. Craftsmasters are marked as a hammer-wrench icon on the map. In this guide, we will list our top picks for the best blueprints to get in Dying Light 2.

Top 10 Best Blueprints to Unlock in Dying Light 2

The blueprints listed in this section can either be unlocked through story progression or purchased from a Craftsmaster’s shop.

10. Lockpick

This is a common accessory that can be unlocked during the Markers of Plague main story mission. The lockpick will help you break into locked doors and crates that unlock secret passages and rare loot. They can be crafted for 5x scraps each time. Unfortunately, they don’t last very long initially, so you should head over to a Craftsmaster to get it upgraded. This will increase the lockpick’s durability, so you won’t run out of them as often.

9. Reinforcement

This rare weapon grip mod can be purchased from the Craftsmaster stationed at the Peacekeepers’ Floating Fortress. The weapons in Dying Light 2 are subject to damage and have to be repaired frequently. This not only becomes costly for the players, but you may lose a weapon you really like forever if you can’t manage to repair it on time. That’s why this blueprint is an absolute must-have because it increases the durability of your weapon. The more you upgrade it, the longer your weapons will last.

8. Spark

This is a shaft and tip mod for your weapons that can be acquired separately. The Spark Tip mod can be unlocked during the Spark of Invention story quest. Moreover, it can be purchased from the Craftsmaster stationed at the Bazaar. This mod is based on your critical hits. If you manage to land a critical hit, it will inflict a Shock status on your enemy, which has a slight chance of electrocuting the surrounding enemies. This will increase the overall damage dealt by your hits.

7. Molotov Cocktail

After completing the Unruly Brother main story quest, this weapon blueprint can be unlocked. Fighting a horde of zombies one-on-one can be overwhelming, even for the most seasoned players. You’ll have an easier time taking a bunch of enemies down at once by luring them to one place, securing a spot above ground level, and throwing Molotov cocktails on your enemies. The fire will spread and burn down multiple enemies at once. This is one of the best weapons for crowd control.

6. Remote C4

The blueprint for this remote explosive can be purchased from the Craftsmaster stationed at the Peacekeepers’ Floating Fortress. Although there is a bit of a learning curve to using this, the Remote C4 proves to be extremely useful against both large single enemies as well as groups of enemies. When upgraded to its highest level, the range of explosion stands at 11 meters. That’s why you might have some trouble detonating it from a safe distance.

5. UV Flashlight

This is one of the Nightrunner blueprints that can be unlocked during the Welcome On Board story mission. The zombies show no mercy when attacking, and you might not always have the means to take them on. That’s where this UV flashlight comes in. Special infected zombies like the Volatiles are weak to UV rays.

They are incredibly fast and powerful, so fighting them head-on is never advised. When the Volatiles attack you, use the UV flashlight to throw them off and make a run for your life. However, the battery drains fast at its base level, so consider upgrading the UV flashlight to its max level.

4. Infected Arrows

This ammo blueprint can be purchased from the Craftsmaster at Fish Eye. Once you unlock the bow in the latter half of the game, you’ll want to think out of the box on how to make the best use of it. That’s where the infected arrows come in. This particular ammo works perfectly against humans, as it turns them into Virals. This is a great way of letting your enemies kill each other.

3. Boomstick

This blueprint is for one of the unique ranged weapons in the game and can be purchased from the Craftsmaster at Peacekeepers’ Floating Fortress. Unlike in Dying Light 1, there are no firearms in this game. However, this Boomstick is an exception as it serves as a homemade gun built with scraps. It delivers two powerful shots that work great against bosses. Dying Light 2 definitely falls short in variety when it comes to ranged weapons, so don’t miss out on this.

2. Immunity Booster

This consumables blueprint can be acquired after completing The Only Way Out main story quest. This will come in handy if you like to venture out in the night a lot. You might not always have access to UV lamps, so keeping immunity boosters on hand allows you to travel for long hours and scavenge buildings during the night. You should upgrade it as much as possible to increase the duration of your immunity.

1. Medicine

Of course, the best blueprint to invest in, especially in the early game, is the medicine blueprint. Any Craftmaster can upgrade it in the open world. Medicine restores your health, and the more you upgrade it, the more health you’ll be able to replenish. So it is advisable to upgrade it to at least level 4 or 5 to get a considerable amount of health restored from each use.

Best Secret Easter Egg Blueprints in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 has a bunch of secret easter egg blueprints spread throughout the open world. Some of these can be hard to find, but they are definitely worth getting. So here we have listed our top 5 picks for the best secret blueprints you can get.

5. Pan of Destiny

This is a throwable weapon in the shape of a frying pan. What’s great about it is that it acts like a boomerang, so it’s definitely a better choice than throwing knives. This may be a gag weapon, but it still deals a considerable amount of damage and comes back to you. The pan of destiny blueprint can be unlocked by completing a side-quest for a talking chicken in Newfound lost land.

4. It’s Me Marian Boots

This blueprint is a direct nod to Mario, and it allows Aiden to make a triple jump. They can be found near the Heron Renegados Bandit Camp in Lower Dam Ayre. You need to climb up the crane and jump towards the shipping container to access it. You’ll then have to lockpick the door and enter the room. Once you put on the radio and lie down on the bed for a couple of seconds, a box will spawn on the table. Interact with it to collect your blueprint.

3. Korek

This is one of the two blueprints that can be found in the Techland dev room. This is an infinite durability charm that raises the durability of any weapon by 500. And to unlock it, you need to sit on all three couches, and the blueprint will spawn on the coffee table.

2. Left Finger of gloVa

This is the second blueprint that can be found in the Techland dev room. This is a really cool ranged weapon, if you can even call it one. It is essentially a finger gun that allows you to shoot enemies by pointing your figure at them. To unlock the Left Finger of gloVa blueprint, head on to the bedroom and lie down on the bed. After a couple of seconds, a bunch of teddy bears will keep spawning around you. Keep waiting until the blueprint finally spawns on the bedroom wall poster.

1. Mantis Blades – Cyber Hands 2177

These electrifying mantis blades are an easter egg melee weapon from Cyberpunk 2077 with a twist. They deal a lot of damage and electrocute enemies upon impact. However, it can only be obtained once you have access to the VNC tower. Once you have completed the Broadcast mission, glide down to the southwest building where the Military Airdrop THB-UT0 is.

From there, glide down to the next building with a bunch of trees. There, you will notice a fire burning in the corner. Interact with the masked man by the fire. He will mention something about Kyle Crane, the former protagonist of the Dying Light series. An orange box will spawn next to him after the end of the conversation, and he will disappear. Interact with the box and collect your blueprint.

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