Dying In the Radiation Zones In Verdansk Now Turning Players Into Zombies

With this week’s playlist update, we now find the radiation zones appearing in Verdansk taking up the Shipwreck and Prison area of the map. It is now confirmed that exposure to these areas will kill players and resurrection them as zombies.

As Activision has announced the date for the nuke event, the end of Verdansk is imminent. The Zombies have now moved onto the Dam area on the map, with the containment level reaching 100%.

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Radiation zones appearing in Prison and Shipwreck gives us insight into what we might expect to happen in the big event next week. Players now find themselves dying and turning into zombies like the ones that were in the Halloween event. Players have also reported that a glitch stops them from turning into zombies and that they would rather lose their gulag.

One can only become a zombie in duos, trios, or quads. Players need team members if they are to return to Verdansk as the undead.

Radiation is spreading around the Shipwreck and Prison area, two of the first places where the zombies first spawned. We can only assume that the radiation will spread across the whole map as the season ends. The gas mask does keep you alive for just a few extra seconds. Making these zones inaccessible.

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The Nuke Event is set to take place live in-game on April 21 at 12:30 am IST, followed by season 3 the next day.

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