DrDisrespect Wants To Design A Rogue Company Map And He has Only 24 Hours

DrDisrespect playerd Rogue Company on his last stream and now wants to design a Rogue Company map.

Herschel Guy Beahm IV or more commonly known as DrDisrespect was one of the biggest streamers on Twitch. He had more than 4 million followers on the platform. DrDisrespect usually plays battle royale games on his stream like H1Z1, PUBG, Warzone, etc. He was the face of Twitch for a long time. he is most famous for his high production quality in his streams.

Twitch permanently banned his account over a month ago without publishing any reason. Even DrDisrespect said he does not know the reason for the ban. DrDisrespect has been the talk of the internet since his permanent ban on Twitch. He recently started streaming on Youtube. His streams on Youtube have been reaching a massive number of live viewers.

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DrDisrespect Wants To Make A Rogue Company Map

Rogue Company is a new third-person tactical shooter from Hi-Rez Studios. DrDisrespect played Rogue Company in his last stream and apparently, he liked the map design of Rogue Company and now wants to try his hands on map design.

He recently Tweeted this out from his official twitter account. In his tweet, he said this, “Hey @RogueCompany, I like this game. Let me design a map. I’ll bring some Violence, Speed, and Momentum with the design. Easy guarantee.”

The Rogue Company team was also quick to reply back. They replied to DrDisrespect’s tweet saying, “That’s a big ‘hell-yeah’ Two-Time, but you haven’t designed a level since 1997. You think you can walk back and build an instant classic? How about this, you’ve got 24 hours to prove you can design a map. Then we’ll go from there. You in?”

So with all that is happening and the soaring popularity of DrDisrespect maybe we will get to play Rogue Company on a map designed by the Two Time himself.

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