DrDisrespect to stream Fall Guys in Collaboration with Pewdiepie

DrDisrespect has just announced on his Twitter that he will be streaming with Swedish Youtuber Pewdiepie.

Pewdiepie is a famous Swedish Youtuber who has over 106 Million subscribers on Youtube. DrDisrespect on the other hand was recently banned on Twitch and started streaming on Youtube. His first stream on Youtube reaching more than 500k viewers.

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DrDisrespect’s Tweet

DrDisrespect Tweeted out that he was going to be streaming with PewDiePie.

As of right now, DrDisrespect has already started streaming but Pewdiepie is nowhere to be seen. At the start of the stream, DrDisrespect told us that Pewdiepie is going to be joining him after 1-2 hours.

If DrDisrespect and PewDiePie stream Fall Guys with together we could be seeing another record-breaking Livestream viewer numbers.

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