DrDisrespect Reveals His Own Skin in Rogue Company

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: DrDisrespect/ Rogue Company

The popular streamer DrDisrespect got his very own skin in the third person free to play tactical shooter game called Rogue Company.

Herschel Guy Beahm IV or more commonly known online as DrDisrespect is an American streamer and internet personality. He used to be the face of Twitch and one of the biggest streamers on the platform. A few months back he was permanently banned from Twitch and has now moved to streaming on YouTube.

Recently DrDisrespect has been working on a Rogue Company map called ‘The Arena’. Before becoming a streamer the two-time champion used to design maps for Call of Duty. He was challenged by Rogue Company to come up with a map design within 24 hours but the doc made it happen before the time was up. The map development was going on all this time and it is finally here.

Along with the new map update we also got a DrDisrespect skin bundle complete with a glider, emote, and weapons.

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DrDisrespect Dallas Skin in Rogue Company

The latest update for Rogue Company just dropped and to everyone’s surprise, we were introduced to a DrDisrespect Dallas skin and bundle. The map made by DrDisrespect called ‘The Arena’ is also available in this update.

DrDisrespect released a minute-long trailer for the skin on his Twitter. The trailer showed off the skin in all of its glory.

Dallas is a hero in Rogue Company and now you can customize him to look exactly like the doc. The skin also comes with voice lines provided by DrDisrespect to make it feel more authentic. We also got a bundle along with the skin that contains a glider, emote, and gun skins as well.

DrDisrespet skin bundle in Rogue Company
DrDisrespect Skin Bundle in Rogue Company Credit: DrDisrespect/ Rogue Company

DrDisrespect’s fans will no doubt be happy to be able to play as doc in an arena designed by their favourite streamer. The update is live right now so you can hop onto the game and try out the skin and map for yourself.

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